Beginning Of The Universe: Dr Carl Sagan & Vedas

Beginning Of The Universe: Dr Carl Sagan & Vedas

The beginning of the Universe has been a mystery that has baffled scientists and thinkers alike. Even though there have been theories of the creation in the ancient texts, most scientists are skeptical of accepting them on the face value. However there are scientists who have managed to explore some underlying links between ancient science […]

Super Natural Books

Super natural books may have been miss understood with the inclusion of characters that in most cases arouse more fear in people rather than indulge then in to understanding the real meaning of super natural states and how they can be beneficial to us thus improving future generations. Super natural book have followed the same […]

Music for Supernatural

Music for supernatural healing is in most occasions’ soft and subtle to listen to, it is aimed at calming the mind and enhancing concentration so as the listener could transcend in to a trance or supernatural state such as entering extra sensory perception. The music has been misinterpreted by many leading to negative impressions but […]

Extra Sensory Perception

Extra sensory perception or extrasensory perception also considered by many as the humans sixth sense is easier defined as attaining knowledge concerning  a subject using other sources besides your five senses i.e. hearing, touch, smell, sight and smelling. Extrasensory perception has not been proven by science to be possible but other studies have proven through […]

What Is A Soul?

So deeply engraved the soul lies in our mind that few consider asking what is a soul ? But maintain the strong relation to it passed down the generations, depicting that everybody has one that is directly linked to the spiritual world. Science contradicts the belief that the soul exists but this has not deterred […]