All About Aries Man

All About Aries Man

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you are all set to date an Aries man then we have some tips that can prove to be extremely handy to you. The Aries man is attractive and is one of the signs in the zodiac that is charming to the core. The Aries man is to a certain extent irresistible. If you are attracted to the Aries man then it is not something that is unbelievable.

In Control

The Aries man is represented by the Ram. The Aries man is in complete control of his life and he wants it that way. The good looks come to him naturally. Even if he does not take care of himself he will continue to look like a hunk. So in case you are going for the Aries man you have to be prepared that he will often attract women who will like to date him. This can make you quite insecure at times. The Aries man is a natural lover and he is so good in the art that he will always know what exactly must be done to please his women.


Now that we discussed the positives let us point out some aspects of the Aries man that might not be so attractive. He likes to be free and independent is all that he wants to be. He will always want to wander and do not really like the idea of settling down. So you have some good hard work to do when you have chosen the Aries man.


The Aries man is honest and straight forward and will never advertise himself. He is a package and he is all that he promises to be. Sometime you may feel that the Aries man is too good to be true you may even wonder if he is like this all the time. Well the answer is yes he is always what he claims to be and you will realise it as you tend to spend more time with the Aries man.

How to win him over?

So what is the wait for lets straight away get to how you can win the Aries man:

  1. Well the funda is simple live and let live. Give your Aries man all the space he needs and do not expect him to cling onto you all the time. Just because he is not calling you every two hours do not mean that he does not care about you or loves you any lesser. To him true love is freedom and the ability to respect freedom. If you are a woman who can deal with this then the Aries man can be yours without a doubt.
  2. Do not expect a lot from the Aries man. He is light hearted and he does not like women who are too emotional and sentimental. He just fails to understand why we complicate lives so much. Do not be too emotional with him on a date. Maybe you can when you have spent a lot of time with him. If he feels that you are a very serious kind of a person then he may not get attracted to you. He might want to stay away.
  3. The Aries man needs trust as he trusts you. Do not spy on him or try to find out what he has been doing. If he suspects that you are becoming too suspicious he may just leave you and go away forever. There will never be a second chance. If you doubt that the Aries man is cheating on you blame him only when you have strong evidence to justify your stand.
  4. The Aries man sometimes may want to be left alone. So just leave him and let him do all that he wants to do. The Aries man is a dreamer and he has big dreams. He likes to plan and work toward his impossible dreams. If the Aries man gets very close to you and starts to trust you he may tell you about his dreams. At time they will seem like castles made in thin air. Well never underestimate the dreams of the Aries man or make fun of what he feels passion for. Always show enthusiasm and express how you feel that his dreams are possible. To an Aries man life is just incomplete without a list of impossible dreams.
  5. The Aries man likes strong women who have a mind of their own.  So when you are with the Aries man ensures that you do not appear confused. You must be confident and talk sense as you spend an evening with the Aries man. Talk intelligent and logical the Aries man will like this. They cannot understand women who are too vague. This lack of understanding can often drift them away from these women.
  6. The Aries man will always be a foodie so when on date take him to a restaurant he likes to visit. The Aries man can experiment with food and also try things that he has never had before. It is quite possible when on a date the Aries man may think more about the food and not you. For Aries man the claim that a man’s heart can be reached from his stomach fits the best.
  7. The Aries man will drop you hints on what he likes and what interests him. So you have to listen to all his expectations closely and as per the clues dropped if you can get him something that he has been looking for you have won half of the game. The Aries man is emotional and he likes the idea of being cared of by someone.
  8. The Aries man likes the idea of chase and adventure. So do not completely make it clear that you like him and want to settle with him. Let him keep guessing and let the mystery on. Create a magic around you and see how you attract the ram.
  9. The Aries man can get bored easily so ensure that you do not repeat the conversations or make things very dull. Try new ideas and new things to impress the Aries man. Keep challenging him and let him be physically and mentally active. Always make the dates fun and do not get too serious. The Aries man like women who have a good sense of humour.
  10. The red will be a great colour to wear when you are dating the Aries man. The red is the colour of passion and it can attract the Aries man really well. You can wear a little revealing and sexy clothes to impress the Aries man.
  11. The Aries man believes in magic and destiny. They belive in magic that connect people. If you want to impress the Aries man then try to talk on these lines and he will start to belive that perhaps you both met as you were destined too and he will like the magic that you create in the relationship. The Aries man will stay attracted as long as this magic and chemistry is on. So from time to time you will have to create the magic for your Aries man.

We hope that we have tried to discuss almost all the points on Aries man. We hope that now you know all about the Aries man. Just follow these tips and you will notice how easily you can impress the Aries man whom you want to date. The Aries man is simple and one of the least complicated of all the men in the zodiac. They are extremely good lovers and life with them can be peaceful if you follow the points mentioned closely. The Aries man will be a responsible father and husband. Have a very special valentine’s day which is approaching fast in the new year.

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