Yoga Practice During Menstruation

Yoga Practice During Menstruation

Menstruation is a common problem that women across the world have to face. It is the time of the month that many women are extremely scared of. The Menstruation can be very painful for some women. Some women also have irregular Menstruation cycles. This is very bad for conceiving.

As a woman starts to Menstruate in her puberty the cycles can be very irregular and can even go on for a month. Similarly when a woman is nearing her menopause the Menstruation cycles can again become irregular. During Menstruation the body of the woman undergoes a lot of changes.

We will now discuss in details the yoga Practice during Menstruation. These yoga asanas can ensure that the various problems that we have mentioned about the menstruation cycles. Please note that the pose shown below is not recommended during menstruation but it is only for demo purposes, the recommended poses are those shown in the multi image below.

Different Body Types

Before we discuss any further we must mention that all women have a different body type. Some women may find the yoga asanas more painful and some may get relief from the same. You must consult your doctor before you start to practice the yoga Practice during Menstruation.

If there is any discomfort while you yoga Practice during Menstruation this must be reported to the doctor. The yoga Practice during Menstruation can be also practiced during the whole month. This will make the actual menstruation time more comfortable for the woman.

Some doctors say that yoga Practice during Menstruation is not a good idea. However, if you keep practicing the same yoga during the whole month it can give you better and more positive results. Many doctors recommend medicines to ease the pain of the periods. Some medicines are given to make the cycles regular too.

However, these may have long term side effects including cyst and difficulty to conceive. The yoga on the other hand is safer and natural. It also does not have any side effects. Some of the yoga Practice during Menstruation is mentioned below:

  1. Camel pose – It is called the ustrasana. In this one should sit on the floor on the knees. Now bend backwards. Your hands should touch the toe of your legs. Your eyes should look at the ceiling. This will help to make the mensuration more comfortable for all.
  2. Child pose- The child poses is useful in many problems. However, it can be particularly very useful in periods. It is also called the balasana. In this pose you first need to sit on your knees. You must bend the upper half of your body so that the head touches the floor. You can stretch your arms as much as you can. This will help to improve the flow of blood into the genitals. This reduces the pain of the periods for women of all age. It can also help to normalise the flow when there is heavy bleeding.
  3. Bow pose – This is also called the Dhanurasana. In this you must first lie on the floor. You must lie on your tummy. Now slowly fold your legs. Using your hands hold the legs. This pose is shown in the picture that we have attached. This makes the muscles of the stomach stronger and ensures that the periods are less painful in women. If you find it very painful during periods. You can do it for the rest of the month. This can prove to be very effective.
  4. Cobblers pose- it is also called the Baddha Konasana. In this yoga you should first sit on the floor. Now fold your legs and get the legs closer. Fold the legs as shown in the picture. Your back should be straight as you do this yoga. This will make the pelvic muscles stronger. This pose improves the flow during the periods as a result reduce the pain.
  5. Head to knee pose – It is called the janu sirsasana pose. In this pose first sit on the floor. Keep one leg straight and fold the other leg. Now with your hands try to touch the toe of your legs. Do this with both right and left leg. This will reduce the pain of the periods considerably.
  6. Upavistha Konasana – In this you need to sit on the floor. Your legs should be spread out as shown in the picture. This will improve the muscles of the pelvic region and ease your pain of periods.

These are the various yoga Practices during Menstruation that you can practice on a regular basis. If you can do them during the periods else you can also do them during the month. As you regularly do these yoga poses you will automatically realise that you are not required to take any medications. Many women irrespective of age practice the yoga Practice during Menstruation. This helps them to deal with those days of the month better. We hope that you found this article informative and useful.

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