The Seven Running Horses

The Seven Running Horses

We have often seen a painting of seven horses. It is a common painting that can be often seen in a house. In this article we will discuss about this amazing painting that can bring in a lot of luck into the house. We will explain in details why the painting of seven horses can change your fortune.

The Horse Power & Energy

Horse is a powerful and positive animal. It can generate lot energy. It is always focused and has been used by man for ages. In olden days a horse was always present in a house and helped man. A horse in the house meant prosperity. Today we cannot keep a horse in the house; however it is always possible to hang the painting of a horse. When the painting is of seven the significance of the painting increases manifold and so does the impact. It attracts positive energy and helps to attain success.

Anyone who places a painting of a horse in the house will be blessed with success and happiness. The same painting can also be placed in an office. Seven is a very strong number if you look closely into nature you will see that there are seven oceans, seven colours in a rainbow, saptarishi means seven star constellations, Hinduism does believe that there are seven lives or saath janam and seven phere or seven rounds that one must take around the fire in order to get married. Seven is a powerful and strong number as per numerology, vastu and even feng shui.

Number 7

Seven is a strong number no doubt but one must consult an astrologer before they put up this painting. For some people seven maybe an unlucky number especially if they are under the negative influence of Venus.

A painting of seven horses means financial stability. If you keep it in an office it can also lead to quick promotion to higher levels. There are few things on which both Feng Shui and Vastu has the same opinion. The painting of the seven horses is one such thing where you see that both these fields of study have the same opinion. The picture of an animal is something that must not be kept in the house. However, horse is an exception. Even Feng Shui supports the act of keeping the painting of seven horses in the house. According to Feng Shui horse is an animal that represent speed, courage and endurance. These are the qualities that are essential to get success in life.f

If you place the painting of seven horses in the living or near the entrance it can bring in wealth and good luck. This is because seven represents the seven most significant things such as children, recognition, health, marriage, education, personal development, happiness and education. The painting of the seven horses can be placed anywhere in the room. The painting should be placed in such a way that the horses are coming into your house. They should look like they are coming into the house. Never place it in such a way that it looks like the horses are running out of the house.

The south zone of the house is always connected to success and fame. This is why the South wall of the office or the house is considered to be the best part of the house to place this painting. Another wall where you can place the painting is the Eastern wall.

Some Important Tips

Some points to keep in mind are never place the painting on top of the main door. Try to ensure that the painting is not kept anywhere close to the bathroom. The horses must be in positive colours and give a happy feeling. If the painting looks depressing avoid. All the horses in the painting must run in the same direction. If they are running in different directions. They will cause confusion and chaos in your life and how you deal with your problems. The image should be a clear one. A distorted image of the horse may not be a good thing for your house and for the positive energy that you are seeking. The image should not be broken or with some strange effects.

If you cannot place the painting you can also keep the statue of a horse in the Northern part of the house. The horse should be without leash. Horse is associated with luck that is why people used to place horse shoe in the entrance of the house. Horse shoe brings in good luck and prosperity. Overall having an image of a horse or a statue of a horse in the house is good. Try to follow this vastu tip and see how it can change your life for better.

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