Bhai Dooj Special: Sisters Are Forever

Bhai Dooj Special: Sisters Are Forever

Metaphysics Knowledge dedicates this bhai dooj to all sisters who left this world before time


Along the journey some people are left behind never to be seen again

Yet it would be a disrespect if one remembers them with a sense of pain

During their lives, they always were happy and happiness did they preach

It was their positive attitude that despite challenges, where they did reach

On this occasion of bhai dooj, we do remember who was more than a sis

To have her in our lives was such a comfort, joy, peace, assurance and bliss

As we remember the previous bhai dooj occasions a tear drop silently flows

Great are the people like her who rise high, despite the severe hurts n blows

Never was a smile short on her face, never was she seen in any sort of sorrow

Her bag of joy was so full, everyone could take their share, each could borrow

Today we dedicate this poem to all sisters of the world who left before time

And just left behind a vacuum, and a presence which is so subtle so sublime

Friends come and friends go but sisters are forever despite their physical form

Apart from the parents, it is another relation so subtly pure, it is a divine norm

Let us remember all the departed souls with a positive energy on this special day

And learn the lesson to keep moving and going forward, no matter come what may

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