Advantages of Wearing Emerald

Advantages of Wearing Emerald

There are many stones that are recommended in astrology. In this article we will discuss the importance of Emerald as a stone. Emerald is a green coloured stone that is formed naturally. It is one of the most beautiful and most precious stones that you can find. As per Hindu astrology Emerald represents the planet Budh which is the hindi name for Mercury. It is the planet the controls our mind and helps us to take better decisions. It helps to create a sense of harmony in the family, especially between couples and with children. It is a beautiful stone and many jewelers use it in diamond necklace and rings. We recommend that you get the horoscope checked before you decide on whether you should wear the stone as per astrology.

A Bit of History

Since the ancient times people have been wearing Emerald all across the world. Emerald is usually found in Russia, Zambia, India and Pakistan, but if you want to get the best emerald then you have to try in South Africa. Today many jewelers are making emerald in the laboratory and selling it to the buyers. If you are wearing it as a jewelry then an Emerald that was created in the laboratory can also be fine. However, for astrological purpose one must always look for emeralds that are naturally formed. The naturally formed Emeralds are way more expensive that the ones created in the laboratory. If the Mercury of a person is down then the Emerald is suggested. It can be worn both as a pendent or a ring. It is always recommended to make it in gold to get the most benefit of it. As per the recommendation of the astrologer make a ring or a pendent.

Advantages of Wearing Emerald

We will now discuss some of the advantages of wearing an emrald:

  1. It helps the wearer to find a suitable match for marriage.
  2. The person who wears an Emerald will mostly have a happy marriage and it helps to create a bond between the couple.
  3. When parents have issues with kids, Emerald is recommended. It helps the parents to understand the kids better.
  4. Some people who have a problem with money, for example a person is not able to retain money and unforeseen expenses keep coming. Emerald can help such people with saving money.
  5. Emerald can also be recommended to young children who are studying. This stone helps these children to concentrate and study better.
  6. Some people who are inclined to spirituality and religion can also use these stones as it helps to improve the progress of one towards a spiritual life. It helps to improve the powers to look into the divinity that is beyond.
  7. Some people who are often haunted by a nightmare or by something that is really evil also get a lot of benefits from wearing an emerald. It can help these people to live a harmonious life and become prosperous.
  8. Emerald has the power to improve memory and concentration. It can help those who are having a salaried job to get promoted and those who are into business can increase the profitability by wearing this stone. It can help businessmen make better decisions so that they can earn more money.
  9. If a person is expecting some legal disputes or gets involved in a legal dispute the Emerald can help these people people to quickly deal with these legal complications.
  10. It ensures that the wearer is not cheated by anyone. If a person has a high chance of being cheated they can wear an emerald as it will protect them from people who want to cheat them.
  11. Some astrologers believe that Emerald has mystical powers can it can bring a lot of luck to the wearer.
  12. In a marriage a partner is made to wear an Emerald so that the other partner does not cheat on him or her.
  13. The color of Emerald ensures that it avoids a person from making false friends and live a peaceful life.
  14. If you wear an emerald the chances of you not being bitten by a snake.
  15. Some pregnant women who are expected to have a complicated delivery are given an emerald as it reduces their pain during labour and makes the labour smooth. It improves the flow of blood and reduces stress.
  16. Emerald can also have healing powers. People who suffer from epileptic attacks and seizures can wear an emerald for a better health. It can ensure that you do not get epileptic fits.
  17. Some stress related problems like insomnia, amnesia, asthama, cardiac problems can also be solved by wearing Emerald.
  18. Those who suffer from diarrhea, dysentery, gastrics and other gastrointenstial issues can also wear an emerald and enjoy the benefits. It can actually do a remarkable job with these health issues.
  19. Emerald can be recommended to be worn along with some more gems stones. When there is a combination of Emerald with another gem stone the results can be remarkable. It can have healing properties when combined with other stones. For example it can cure diseases like cancer and even diseases related to the nervous system.
  20. Many scientists, writers , doctors and other professionals who are involved in jobs that need high level of thinking and analysis wear Emerald. It helps them to keep a cool mind and reduces stress.  Many professionals have worn this stone and got the benefits.
  21. It can help a person to look more attractive and charming and get lucky in love.
  22. As it is associated with thinking and mind, a person who wears an Emerald will become a better people manager and will know how to talk and when.

Other Points

The advantages of wearing an Emerald are many. We have tried to list a few above. Emerald is a very hard and a very precious stone. This stone is mostly green in colour; you can also find it in bluish green shade. It is very hard to break Emerald. If you find an Emerald that is over one carat you must know that it is more previous compared to a diamond. It is the healer stone. Apart from the beauty the stone can actually do miracles. However, you must not fall for the beauty. Wear it only when an astrologer recommends you. They will tell you how and when to wear it. It must be worn only on Wednesday after taking bath. Better to take it to a temple and get a small puja done in a temple before you wear it. Always buy it from a reliable source and with a proper certification.


Ensure that the Emerald that you wear does not have any cracks. The stone should be clear and there should not be any haze or white substance inside the stone. The clearer and Emerald is the better and more precious it is. It has to be worn in gold always and in the little finger of the right hand. You can also wear it as a pendent. In Indian astrology Emerald is called Panna. We will continue to write about other gem stones in the articles to come.

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