7 Immortals in Hindu Mythology

7 Immortals in Hindu Mythology

Today we will discuss about the 7 immortals as per Hindu mythology. Of course as per the spiritual texts everyone of us is an immortal in the true sense of the word but these are those special people or avatars who will retain their body at least till the time the universe completes its age and is annihilated.

The first one is Rishee Parshuram who is a great warrior and a rishee as well. He received a special weapon from Lord Shiva after eons of meditation. He is said to be the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu

King Bali is the second person who was a brave king and defeated even Indra. However he developed ahankara and Vishnu had to take the Vaman avatar to remove his pride.

Lord Hanuman is the third deity who is immortal. We can all worship if we know the correct method of how to worship Lord Hanuman.

Vibhishana or brother of Ravana is said to be the fourth immortal. He helped Lord Rama against all odds though many thinkers say that he should have died fighting for his family rather than be called a traitor

Rishee Ved Vyasa wrote all the important ancient texts like vedas etc. He was also the father of Dhritrashtara, Pandu and Vidur

Ashwathama was the next on the list and he was awarded immortality as a curse and not a blessing to repay for his bad deeds during Mahabharta battle

Lastly Kripacharya who was the Guru of kaurava clan was also an immortal

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