Music for Supernatural

Music for supernatural healing is in most occasions’ soft and subtle to listen to, it is aimed at calming the mind and enhancing concentration so as the listener could transcend in to a trance or supernatural state such as entering extra sensory perception. The music has been misinterpreted by many leading to negative impressions but the real use is to calm the body muscles and mind.

Music for Supernatural

Music plays a major role in any kind of concentration effort, but not all music can provide the desired results one would like to achieve. Music like rock and roll is aimed at the exact opposite with the intention to arouse the deepest feeling and expose them on the physical body, it also extracts the sad feeling and failures a person experienced in life. These traits expose negative energy and rather than calm the body they insight the mind and body in to more stress and disappointment.

Each different music type has its own different effect on the body, with some making the person too excited where as others calm or sad. With this in mind ones when choosing music for supernatural healing he must be able to choose a rhythm of music that calms the body and mind rather than aggravate it. Chanting of specific words is used by most different cultures around the world due to the link the words may have to religion. The Native American Indians also used chanting while inside a traditional steam/sauna tent to achieve this supernatural state of mind.

In modern man many people do not believe in religion but believe in supernatural capabilities in man. For them music of a different kind has come in to use. Since wording may not be the only form of moving a person in to a trance, the adoption or use of soft instrumental music for supernatural healing is a trend that many people seeking salvation or supernatural answers are using in the 21st century.

Seeking to reach the supernatural state requires 100% peace of mind and it doesn’t matter what the person listens too, if he/she is able to concentrate without distraction they will be able to achieve their aim. There may be a difference in the type of supernatural state he achieves since transcending in to this state depends on the persons mind set. If he is calm then he will enter the supernatural state in a calm mood and if he is over excited then the same shall be achieved in the supernatural state.

The state in which a person enters the state of trance plays a major role to the outcome while in the state, since the actions may have a 180° difference from what one expects. Music for supernatural healing plays a major role towards what a person wants to achieve just is the same way a person would listen to music in the real world and react to it, so it is very important that one think very carefully to choose the right kind of music that maintains calm in persons mind and body to avoid the person drifting in to a negative state of trance.


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