Clairvoyance Abilities

Clairvoyance Abilities

Before one is able to control or use his clairvoyance abilities the person must be able to understand what the term clairvoyance. Clairvoyance abilities are possessed by most human being but as time has passed most of us have lost the ability to control the power thus gradually losing it. Clairvoyance can simply be termed as the ability to sense something before it happens, also known as extra sensory perception or the sixth sense most other animals have the power even know but only a few select humans have been able to harness this energy and use it to their advantage.

The ability still remains in the depths of our mind and many people experience a sudden burst of this ability without even knowing it is happening. Some examples of these experiences are given below:

  • Sometimes you receive a call and before you answer a thought goes through your mind telling you who it is or may be and once you answer the phone it is really that person. This ability to judge who had called can easily be described as clairvoyance abilities but most people don’t pay attention dismissing it for coincidence.
  • Thinking about a person and coincidentally meeting him round the corner is another incident that is common among normal people but most do not pay attention and slowly the ability is lost or weakens at time goes by.

Clairvoyance Abilities

There are many other examples but it is best described as the ability to see or judge something before it happens, the ability in humans and animals has evolved as a self defense mechanism against natural disasters or enemies but as time passed and human being rose to the top of the food chain with few predators, most have lost clairvoyance abilities. Sound waves, vibrations from movement and electromagnets pulses released by a living beings body all contribute towards clairvoyance, at a tender age the human body still has clairvoyance but as time passes most ability is lost. Few people are able to harness this abilities since it takes many years of continues practice to be able to judge things accurately.

Research in to animal has been conducted by scientists to determine the authenticity of clairvoyance abilities on animals, it has been claimed for centuries that birds, dogs and many other animals are able to determine natural catastrophes before they actually happen. To get proof concerning the ability to judge these events beforehand an investigation was undertaken to determine the facts. The report did prove that the animals had clairvoyance abilities, but it was determined the animals could judge in advance since they receive sound and vibrations well below the human hearing or feeling range that made animals know of oncoming calamities.

clairvoyance abilities in humans is also developed in this same way but required constant training to maintain the power, learning or gaining clairvoyance abilities may not be as easily learned as said but with pure determination and patience one can be able to regain lost abilities that would open his inner self to powers of a world around him that he had never seen or thought of seeing.

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