How To Remove Black Magic?

How To Remove Black Magic?

It is a hard fact that negative feelings like enmity, prejudices and jealousy exist in our society. One of the ways that people use to vent out their negative feelings and get equal with a person is by invoking black magic so let us find out how to remove black magic spells and design of any person.

Personal Discretion Advised

Irrespective of the fact whether we believe or do not believe the  fact that the earth circles the sun, it continues to do so. Same is the case with black magic design and workings. Our belief or disbelief has no impact on it. It is also important to highlight here that the aim of the article is to provide information about black magic and not encourage superstitions. The views expressed here are personal and it is advised that personal discretion be applied.

Let us start by trying to understand what is black magic?

Black magic can be said to be a supernatural processes which are used to cause harm to another person. It is an ancient science that may use mantras,

Black Magic

Black Magic

powerful thoughts, utterances to cause harm to another person.  Black magic when done on a person can result in loss of money, profession, health, mental peace and even life. It is important to deal with black magic design in order to nullify its effects.

Is it known by any other names?

Irrespective of culture, religion and country, black magic has been known to exist in all. Off course the name and practice may differ but it continues to exist everywhere there are negative emotions. Dark magic, witchcraft, jaadu tona, kala jadu are just some of the names which may be used to refer to black magic.

Black Magic Design: How can it be done?

As such how black magic can be done depends on the specific line of practice being followed. In some cases a victim’s name and date of birth may be sufficient for invoking evil while in others a photograph, a worn garment of the victim may be required.

The black magician may use a variety of things like lemons, coconuts, nails, charcoal, pins chillis to cast a spell on the victim. There are very few practitioners of black magic. If by chance a person knows how to invoke black magic, it has the potential of causing great harm to the victim.

What are the signs of Black Magic?

The big question that needs to be answered at this stage is how does he person come to know that he has been a victim of black magic?

In case one is a victim of black magic, one may experience one or more than one of these.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Unjustified restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Unexplained financial losses
  • Sickness
  • Unstable relations

These are just some of the signs that you need to watch out for. Bad events, bad news or may be disproportionate negative results of even the smallest of events. One may simply feel that he/she is constantly being watched.

Can I save myself from Black Magic Designs? 

The answer to this is a big YES. Yes, there is protection available from the effects of black magic. It is important to have faith in the Almighty, for if there are negative powers there are positive too. If there are negative energies there are positive too.

How To Remove Black Magic

Remove Black Magic

Prevention is always better than cure and this applies to the case of black magic as well. A visit to a religious place of your choice, remembering God, prayers, mantra chanting can protect us from black magic.

There are a few talismans and amulets that can again help you stay protected. The rosary beads are commonly used for protection against black magic. Wearing a black thread around the neck, or a black mark on the forehead is commonly observed under some cultures.

Hanging a string of green chillies and lemons at the place of work can help save from any untoward loss.

It is equally important to take a few precautions. Avoid sharing your date of birth particulars with people you do not know or cannot trust. It is equally recommended that one take care of personal belongings especially garments and accessories that happen to touch the body when worn.

What if I am affected by Black Magic?

Do not feel dismayed if you are affected by black magic. Corrective actions can help you nullify the negative effects. It is best to take professional help. There are experts who can help recover. Spiritual healers, religious preachers, tantriks are just some of the people whose help can be sought.

These professionals may design a special instrument, a prayer regimen or mantra depending on the nature of black magic and your stars. It is important that while resorting to professionals help one be confident of the practitioner’s credentials.

Irrespective of whose help one is taking, do not forget to pray and remember the almighty every passing minute of the day. It is your faith in the Almighty that is going to help overcome all threats and ordeals.

If you cannot consult a professional tantrik to remove black magic design, here are a few simple tips to do it yourself

  • Pray to Lord Hanuman Ji, the destroyer of all evil
  • Do only good deeds, remember the Law of Karma is Supreme, it will ensure that any bad intentions against you are nullified
  • Try to visit any holy place of worship, whichever you like at least sometimes if not regularly

Editor’s Note

Many viewers express concerns that being such reputed metaphysical knowledge platform, we sometimes publish such stuff which could be on the verge of superstitions.  I would only like to state that we do not advocate black magic in any form. This is meant for general information for anyone interested in this project.

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