Happy Navratris 2014

Happy Navratris 2014

The Mother Divine pervades the entire cosmos extreme

She is the sole power, the basis of creation, the ultimate Supreme

Though all days of the year are holy and belong to the Mother

Yet the Navratris are just special, unlike any other

During these days you can worship the Divine form and gain

The Mother will remove all your wants, sufferings and pain

She will bestow you with the purest of blessings forever

Your life will change upside down, like you saw never

Just be pious and and pure during this period, each single day

Mother will take care of the demons like she used to slay

Peace, health, prosperity, whatever you ask you shall receive

Make sure you do good deeds, no one you deceive

Just meditate in whatever form you can, for all forms are Her

She gives the blessings of Nirbhayata, there is no more fear.

Jai Maa

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