Interesting Facts About Vaastu

Interesting Facts About Vaastu

Vaastu is a Sanskrit word that means architecture and the science of architecture is called vaastu Shastra.  It is a basically an Indian concept that was used by generations to build houses and buildings. It was in the ancient days used to construct temples and places of worship.

However, in the last few years the rich and the famous started using this age old technology in modern day
constructions. The benefits were felt and soon everyone wanted to have a house that followed the basic rules of vaastu. Nowadays even renowned builders are hiring vaastu experts to design their houses. People are ready to pay extra money to vaastu experts to ensure that their houses are compliant to the vaastu
rules. It has taken the world by storm

What exactly is this science?

Well vaastu believes that the world is made up of five elements namely earth, water, space, air and fire. It all depends on how we place these elements in our house. The placement of these elements can enhance prosperity, peace, health etc. For example according to vaastu the kitchen should be in the southeast. As this part of the house is least effected by dust and germs it helps to cook healthy food. The main door of the house should be in east or northeast this brings in prosperity to the house. A bedroom should be in the south to ensure a good night sleep.

There are specific areas allotted for study, dining, prayer, etc. Each activity that we do in a house needs a special location. This enhances the impact of the activity and gives peace. People who have studied vaastu can tell you how each of these placements can actually help you.

Vaastu is now even followed by people across the world. Many foreigners are spending a good amount of money on hiring vaastu experts for their houses. Even hotels and meditation centers are using this knowledge to make their guests more comfortable. There are many sites on the web where you can find a lot of information about vaastu and improve your home ambiance. We would recommend that you hire a vaastu expert for this as this is a complicated study and may have severe after effects.  The power of vaastu is accepted by almost all.

Some quick tips can be like a clock should not be kept on top of the main entrance to your house, cash should be kept in the north as it ensures that cash keeps flowing in, study and prayer room if adjacent can bring in peace and happiness, it also helps the kids to concentrate better. You can try to follow these simple points and see the results for yourself.

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