The Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter

Jupiter is a very important planet that rules our life and destination. In the figure enclosed the red mark indicates the mount of Jupiter. The mount is a very important mount. It signifies many qualities of the person. If the mount is well developed then the person will have divine qualities. They believe in justice, always there to help people in need. They have a good bend towards religion and can be very spiritual too; many spiritual leaders and gurus have a strong mount of Jupiter.

A very weak mount of Jupiter means that the person will always have a soft corner for the opposite sex as a result they will get into a lot of scandals. The people with weaker mount of Jupiter tend to concentrate more on worldly wealth rather than spiritual wealth. In case of very weak mount of Jupiter the person may not show respect for his parents and can get into bad company. A very strong and extra developed mount of Jupiter may make the person selfish and proud.

The mount of Jupiter may have lines on it. The patters of these lines say a lot about the person. Two clean lines on this mount indicate that the person will not have a clear aim in life. A single line indicates that the person might be very successful in whatever he does. If there is a prominent criss cross of lines is indication of licentiousness in the person. A clear cross (X) indicate that the person will have a very happy married life. Some people do have a black dot on this mount. This is not a good sign. This may indicate loss of money and reputation. It is also notices that some people have triangle on this mount. This means that the person will be very successful as a politician and have diplomatic abilities.

There are many more marks that are found on this mount. If there is a clear star like mark similar to (*) then the person might be able to full fill a desire and become very successful in life. It is indeed interesting that this mount may also have sign of a fish like line. This indicates that the person will get a lot of fame and success in life. This also means knowledge and recognition for a talent. Some may have two stars instead of one on the mount of Jupiter. This indicates that the person will attain success unexpectedly and will be famous overnight. These people are believed to have strong luck. If the lines on the mount of Jupiter make a square, then it is believed that these people are loved by all and don’t get social disgrace. They are always looked upon. A circle indicates perseverance. These are the meaning of various patters of lines on the mount of Jupiter. There are many more patterns that are noticed.

You should consult an astrologer or palmist to get a better understanding of these lines. It is interesting that how these lines can make so much difference to one’s fortune.

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