All About Sleep And Dreams

All About Sleep And Dreams

Whatever we see and feel is nothing but a dream within a dream. Isn’t it so I am sure you must have felt this many time and even déjà vu. Every day when we sleep we dream. Some dreams we remember and some we forget.

Well dreams perhaps have made the world what it is. We don’t dream perhaps we will never thrive and proceed in life. Before we discuss more about dreams, let us understand how dreams occur and what they are made up of.

Dream consists of ideas, emotions, images, and sensations. Dreams generally occur when the body is trying to sleep but the mind is still awake. It is called REM (rapid eye movement). The dreams during this stage are remembered for a longer time as we are awake and this can also be considered as imaginations.

However, dreams are quite capable of occurring during other stages of sleep even when we are in a deep sleep. It is believed that a dream can maximum last for a span of twenty long minutes. Sleep is a state of absent consciousness. It is a state when we are awake but our stimuli and voluntary muscles are resting. The research proves that a man can survive without food longer than without sleep. Hibernation and coma can also be considered as a stage of sleep. It is found all across the animal world.

Everyone needs a good rest and sleep. As kids we sleep deeper as we have no worries and we are less conscious of the world around us. Sleeping is a very healthy habit. It helps in growth and also makes the immune system stronger. The doctors believe that a good eight hour sleep is a must for all.

There are stages in sleep. The first one is the REM stage also called as the rapid eye movement stage. The second is the non-rapid eye movement stage also called NREM. The sleep is considered deepest just before we wake up. This is also a reason why people all over the world believe that the dreams that you see just before waking up are dreams that come true as they are more than dreams. They are vision into the future.

This is the time when our sub conscious state is at the highest level and the brain has no control over it. The people who sleep more live longer. Good sleep is also associated with peace of mind and a healthy life. A baby should sleep for eighteen hours a day and slowly it reduces.

Even babies have dreams.

As they smile at times in dream and also get scared and wake up. Scientists believe that children do dream and get visions. Some babies don’t get sleep in dark. Try to keep a small dim light on so that the baby can sleep well and don’t wake up. People who are above sixty generally sleep lesser or light. This is not right they should sleep for seven hours at least. Sleeping pills should be avoided as much as possible. Once any one is used to these pills they cannot get rid of it. We would suggest that you exercise, be physically active, read books and meditate to ensure that you get a good night sleep.  T

his is a key to long life and health and must not be compromised for long. Insomnia is becoming like an epidemic among today’s generation. When your body is too tired it becomes difficult for it to get sleep. So the key is to plan your day and ensure that you are not absolutely exhausted. If you are then you will not be able to get a good night sleep. Try to read a book or spend some time on writing a dairy and meditating before you sleep this will help your mind to relax and help you to sleep better. It is interesting that people who suffer from mental problems don’t sleep much.

If you know of some ne who does not sleep at all you must take them for a mental check. Some people don’t get sleep when there is a change in house or place where they generally sleep. There are few small changes that you can do in your sleeping area to ensure a better sleep. Ensure that your reflection is not seen in a mirror. Mirrors have negative energy and lead to disturbed sleep. If there is a mirror try to cover it up before you sleep. The bed should be covered with a white bed sheet as you tend to get better sleep in light bed sheets. Don’t keep mobile phones below your pillows this may lead to disturbed sleep.

Another sleep disorder that is found quite often and is an interesting one too is of somnambulist and somniloquist.  Somnambulists are people who start walking in sleep and can even gout on the streets. It is a dangerous disease and must be cured at the earliest. Somniloquists are people who talk while they sleep. These are found commonly among people of different age groups even kids. The disease is very much curable. It is not a lifelong activity. It happens for some time and then vanishes as it occurred. The person doing these doesn’t know that they are talking while sleeping or walking during sleep.

If you ever listen to some one sleep talking you will not be able to make much of it as the words are not clear. Sleepwalking may happen due to fatigue or even alcoholism. The person sleep walking has his or her eyes open and might look awake with a blank expression on the face. It is very common among kids below twelve years. If you know someone who is into sleep walking then the first thing that you must be told is that it is absolutely fine to wake up someone who is sleep walking. Ensure that the way they take is not cluttered as they may hurt themselves. If they have the tendency to open the main door, then try to lock the door and keep the keys with you. It slowly goes away with time and must not be treated very seriously.

In dream one can make plans, take decisions and also get creative ideas. It is proved by scientists by doing a survey on men and women. The dream that we remember is an imagination. The real dreams are vague and we cannot remember them for long. The more influential and creative people sleep more than others.

The stage when we are in deep sleep we don’t tend to remember the dreams. These remain embedded in our sub conscious mind and come out in certain situations.  Sometimes we feel that we have been to a place before or we feel that we have done this same thing before. Well this is déjà vu and scientists believe that we have these feeling as may be we have dreamt them or lived these moments in our dreams. This is how déjà vu is explained. Familiarity perhaps has a lot to do with our dreams.

A lot of research has been done on the subject of sleep and dreams. The scientists have proved a lot about these. However, there is much more to learn and understand that we are yet to find out. The more we know the more questions arise about the same. I hope this will help you to understand the concept of sleep and dreams more. Sleep should never be neglected no matter what stage of life you are in. Ensure that you get a good night sleep without any medicines. Keep dreaming!

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