What Does A Broken Fate Line Signify?

What Does A Broken Fate Line Signify?

Fate line as the name itself signifies is a line that foretells our fate and destiny. It is a very important line on our palm. It is found as a straight line that crosses the head and heart line. The clarity and the length of this line say a lot about our life and what we will achieve in our life. It is found in different forms.

However, the absence of it means that the person will have a very uneventful life and will not make a good career. A strong and significant line means that the person will make it big in whatever they do and have a successful life thereby will enjoy a peaceful retirement. It is scientifically believed that the more a person does hard work the stronger and significant this line becomes. A person who works hard will definitely do much better in life than others.

The colour of the fate line also has a lot to say. A deep red coloured line which is very uncommon signifies that the person suffers disrepute and dishonour. A deep line shows that the person will have to put in a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve success in life. A zigzag fate line shows a hard childhood and loss of money.

A person who has a life line that is chained near the heart line is an indication of the fact that the person will have a difficult love life and married life. A wavy life line is an indication that the person will have a fickle mind and lacks direction. Each line and pattern has a lot to say about the person. Now we are going to discuss about a broken fate line and what exactly does a broken fate line mean.

Now that you know how to spot a fate line and what are the different patterns in a fate line that you see in day today life. We will now discuss about what exactly a fate line that is broken means. It can be found commonly in any palm. A broken fate line reading is a very critical activity and requires a lot of expertise. The fate line is said to be broken if it ends and then starts again. The significance of a broken line is many.

However, the popular believe is that when a fate line ends and starts then the person will have a major change in profession and career. If the line after ending becomes stronger it shows that the career of the person will improve after a rough patch. The rough patch may be anything like heavy loss in business, loss of job and any other financial issues. The point where the line ends show the exact age when you will face this problem, understanding this can help you take precautions accordingly.

This is basically an overview on the subject of broken fate line. The topic is vast and a lot can be written on the same. If you have broken lines do consult a good astrologer to understand the actual significance of it.

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