Death Clock: The Time To Die

Death Clock: The Time To Die

Have you ever heard of a death clock? Well I am sure not and neither have you ever thought about it. We are now going to tell you about death clock. As we know that all that is born in this mortal world will have to die one day.

Nothing Is Forever

The death clock is a clock that starts backwards. The seconds in it keep reducing with every breath you take there by it takes you closer to the moment you are going to die. It is found in many cultures across the world. This is why people refer death to also as your time is up. We all have come here for a particular time span. We have to leave when our time is over so that new people can come to take up this place and the cycle goes on.

The moment we are born it is decided when we will die and how. We have no control on that. Some people die early and some live for long. There are natural deaths as well as deaths from accidents and murders. Whatever the reason being death is sad as it snatches us from the people we love.

It is also believed that if a person has a violent death in this life then they may carry the fear and the shock to the next life as a result they may be afraid of height, darkness, water, etc. Some people with near to death experience also have a lot to say about death and what they exactly felt. These stories do make us believe that there is a life after death indeed.

Now we know what a death clock is and how it works. There are many other methods that one can use to find the exact time of death like horoscopes, palmistry, etc. These sources can tell you that base on your time of birth what will be your death time. This can help you make a will on time and settle all your responsibilities on time.

This can also help you to be better prepared for death. The point is definitely not to stop living when you know the time of death. The point is to understand the death clock and thereby prepare you for a more peaceful death. Some as astrologers can give you the time span within which you may die. Even doctors for the matter based on your life style, food habits and heath condition can help you to get a clearer picture of the same.

So now you know how the death clock ticks every second and takes us closer to the eternal truth that none of us can escape from. There is a lot written on this. You will also find a number of sites that will take your details and give you the exact years that you are going to live for. You can try these for a good laugh. This should help you to understand your life expectancy better and fulfil all your desires before you say final adieu.

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