Is Horoscope Matching For Marriage A Necessity?

Is Horoscope Matching For Marriage A Necessity?

Horoscope matching for marriage is a practice that is being followed in India for a long time now. The natal charts of the boy and the girl are matched to see if they will be compatible. It was very strictly followed in the olden days where arranged marriages were the only forms of marriage that was known in the society.

The elders in the family would select the boy and the girl as per the family status and caste. Once that was done they would match the horoscopes. The families would meet when the horoscopes were successfully matched. The boy and girl would meet only at the wedding. There was no concept of courtship. This was why the elders ensured that they match the horoscopes so that the husband and wife eventually get along well have a blissful married life.

The practice was followed by families and astrologers are enrolled to do this task. However, it is a way of ensuring that marriages are successful. It cannot be denied that there have been quite a few marriages that were done strictly based on horoscope matching and were not successful at the end of the day. With time the concept of marriage has changed. Youngsters today don’t believe in arranged marriages. They want to meet and know the person they want to spend their lives with before they decide on an important matter like marriage. This change in the society has given way to love marriages.

Love does not understand horoscope matching. It can happen anytime and anywhere with any person, considering this now a days many marriages are also done without horoscope matching. This is primarily because many a time the horoscopes of lovers don’t match to ensure a peaceful marriage.

Before we get into more details of horoscope matching for marriage we need to understand what exactly is horoscope matching. Well a horoscope gives a brief idea about the lives. Like probability of accidents, major health concerns of the individuals, the financial and mental stability that life will offer.

The 36 Points

There are thirty six points that are allotted to eight different categories. These are

  1. Varan
  2. Vasya
  3. Tara
  4. Yoni
  5. Grah Maitri
  6. Gana
  7. Bhakoot
  8. Nadi

Eighteen gunas must be matched at least for two people to get married. Thirty six guna matching is considered as ideal.

Varana is mostly to check the mental compatibility of the two people. It has a weightage of one.

The Vasya tells about how the couple will be compatible to each other in terms of power.  It has two points. Tara is the star you were born with and has a weightage of three points. Yoni has a weightage of four points. This signifies the sexual compatibility and if they will be able to have children.  Grahmaitri is the planet that rules this couple. It has a weightage of five points.

Gana is the compatibility of the nature. It has a total of six points. This shows if two people will get along well in life or not. The moon sign of the individual is also matched.  This is the second last aspect and has a weightage of seven points. The last but not the least factor is nadi with a total weightage of eight points. This also shows how successful the marriage will be and the health of the kids. All these eight aspects have different meanings and values.  The maximum score in each category is the best. However, if even eighteen qualities match it can be considered as a good match.

Manglik dosh or Brahmin dosha is also a factor that is matched in horoscopes to check the compatibility of two individuals. It is believed that a person with this dosh should get married to a person who has a similar issue in the horoscopes. If not then one of the partners may die or face some severe health problems.

Horoscope love match is not always possible. The debate is on whether horoscopes make the best basis foe marriages. There are many marriages that were done after horoscope matching and have failed, whereas there are love marriages that were done without any horoscope matching for marriage and have been very successful. We would suggest that it is better to get the horoscopes matched. Cause in today’s world marriages are breaking very fast. Perhaps there is some truth in these horoscopes and maybe it can help to make our modern day marriages better.

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