How Reiki Works

Reiki is a process of spiritual healing. Reiki works with the belief that positive energy must be put into your body. The Reiki practitioners and teachers place their hand on that part of the body that needs healing and the healing is done. They offer the positive energy to those parts where they are needed the most.

The body is like a complicated machine. So many things are going on in the body at the same time. We do not even realize all that is happening in the body. If the body is not well it also has a very strong ability to heal itself. Most of the time the suffering that we have is due to the stress that we feel, stress can be because we have some negative feelings that are bothering us. When we are stressed the ability of the soul and the mind also suffers. When you are stressed you get angry and irritated. You show emotional outbursts. Stress can lead to headache and stomach ache. Some people start to eat more, some eat less, some get addicted to drugs and alcohol and some get depressed. Each of us has a different way to deal with stress.

When you have positive energy being infused into your body you will suddenly feel that your sense of irritation and stress is reducing. You will feel a sense of relief. All the negative energies will leave you and you will be filled with positivity. It can give a new life to a tired and stressed body. When you regularly take Reiki you will notice the following:

  1. That there is a certain boost in your body’s ability to heal. Your body will be able to function better and in a more effective way.
  2. It can increase the ability of the immune system.
  3. It can reduce blood pressure, stress hormone and heart rate.
  4. You will see that there is a nice balance between your mind, heart, body and soul.

Reiki benefits the person who is doing it as well as the person who wants the service. Some people ask how long it will take to get the results of Reiki. Well it depends from one person to the other. Generally the session of Reiki lasts for 90 minutes. The more you get Reiki done the better you will feel the result. Some people feel the result in one session itself and some may take longer.

Reiki is a very relaxing process. It can calm your mind and body. Some people fall asleep during the session. Even if you fall asleep during the session you will still get the benefits of Reiki. Today Reiki is officially used in hospitals along with the traditional medicines. It is practiced all around the world. The healers first need to do the Reiki level one course. This will help them to learn the basic of Reiki. In the Reiki level two the healer can continue to practice and become a master. When they become a master they can heal others with Reiki.

The person who wants Reiki to be performed must be lying on a massage table in a comfortable position. There is no need to undress. Ask the practitioner about the touch. In most cases they will give you a light touch. No touch is not possible always; some healers who are very good can also heal you without a touch and from a long distance.

The Reiki healrer must know everything about you and honestly. They will note down the important points and then start the work. It has been seen that clients who take more sessions of reiki tend to benefit more from it. The more you practice Reiki the better you will see the results in your health. Reiki can do wonders to health related issues but it must be supports with proper medication. In most cases you will feel a sense of peace and calm. Some can also fall asleep during Reiki, it is natural.

Reiki sessions are done in silence. In some cases they keep a light music on in the background. That is what makes it so relaxing. The healer may ask you after the session what you felt and if there is any feedback that you would like to give. Always give an honest feedback that will only help. Many who go for Reiki want to understand how it feels. Well the sensation depends from one person to the other. When the healer’s hand is placed on your body you can feel heat, a slight tingling and you may also feel nothing at all. Many feel a sudden sense of peace and relaxation, this is a common sensation. Some feel more positive and healthy than others. The healers feel it is about believing. If you belive that reiki will help, it will else it will not.

Always drink a lot of water and eat healthy when you do reiki. It will definitely help you to feel the positive vibes of reiki more. There is no limit to taking reiki. The more you take the better you will feel.

Reiki can be performed even to improve inter personal skills. It can be done to families to improve the ties. Hyper active kids can be a problem to mothers. Reiki can work on all no matter what the age is. Even on old people ot can have a lot of positive impact. Healthwise as well as mentally. Reiki can be done on new borns. New mothers are very stressed as they do not get sleep and no time for themselves. They are always tired and life takes a complete turn. Just one hour of reiki can be very effective for the mother as well as the child.

As the child grows up the complications only increase. Especially with teenagers. Try to ensure that you give them a reiki filled hug and this will help them sleep better. Introduce them to reiki as early as possible and you can also make them learn reiki themselves. Today the kids are exposed to a lot of things and that makes them get into wrong activities. When they do reiki and are part of reiki these reduce and they can concentrate more on all acivities.

As a mother or a person who is concerned about the well being of your family you can always learn Reiki and make the most of this magical power. We hope that this article will help the readers to understand more about Reiki and how it is done. Reiki is an amazing power that is within us and we can always unleash it with a little practice. Anyone can actually learn Reiki. More than learning what is more important is to practice Reiki regularly and make the most of its positivity.

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