Relevance of hijab in modern times

Hijab is like a vile that Muslim women put on their face. It is very important in Islam as per religion and social norms. Wearing hijab is like a symbol of Muslim women. It is not very clear how the tradition started and do women actually like wearing this vile. In modern times many Muslim women are coming out of this tradition. They do not wear the hijab anymore as they feel it restricts them.

The experts believe that when a hijab is worn it makes the face of the woman look less attractive. This will ensure that lesser men are attracted towards the woman. Even the women feel that wearing hijab reduces the facial attractiveness of a woman. In Urdu hijab means a partition or a barrier. Women from across the world wear the hijab to ensure that they do not go against the regional sentiments. Although women do not like wearing it, they wear it very often because they do not want to go against the regional sentiments of Islam. Millions of women across the world wear the hijab on a regular basis. Although in Islamic countries it is fine to wear the hijab but in western countries it is not accepted well. They do not understand the concept and consider it as oppressive. Women living in western countries do believe that when they wear the hijab they attract a lot of violence from others and they do not want to interact.

Especially it is now known that Muslim women wear the hijab, whenever there is a terrorist attack, immediately the hostilities against the women start to increase. It becomes easy to identify them. Many women in non-Islamic country are saying that they are coming out of wearing the hijab for their own safety. After 9/11 attack many women wearing hijab from across the world were attacked. This forced some of them to remove the hijab. In some Islamic countries the law is so strict that even non Islamic women are made to wear the hijab. It is natural for women to ensure that they look good and attractive to men. It helps them to grow and become more confident. An attractive woman can look at a marriage to a financially strong man or even look at a good career. If a woman is by force made to look less attractive they tend to get depressed and are not happy.

Covering the face of a woman was a tradition that was followed all across the world for ages. In the olden days attacks were very common. Foreign invasion was a way of the world. Women would be under constant threat of being man handled as a result they were made to stay in barriers. Today the concept is different; women are free to make their own choices. They are studying and making careers for themselves. They are occupying good positions. Most of the countries and communities today have removed the custom of women hiding the faces behind barriers. Today the women only religion that still supports this is Islam.

It is true that hijab should not be supported and it oppresses the freedom of women. Many people have a different opinion about it. Some say they wear it to keep the tradition and the religious beliefs alive. Some say that they wear it because they feel it is a custom and must be respected without question. Some feel it is forced on women and reduces the attractiveness of the face. It is not right for women to wear something like this. Some men feel it is fine and some men are against the custom. Today there are many modern Muslim families that are ensuring women do not wear the hijab.

The western countries should be more open to this custom and try to be less judgemental. It is a custom and a part of the identity of the religion and the women. It does not mean that women who wear the hijab are less intelligent and do not have a mind. If a woman stops wearing a hijab it should be a personal choice and not a choice that she makes under pressure from any source.

Women are making some bold choices. We are not saying what is right and what is wrong. We are just saying that this is a custom and with time society changes so do customs. Let’s see what the future has in store and how this custom can survive. Will it be slightly changed or it will be completely removed in the future. We can only wait and watch.

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