How Old Is Astrology?

How Old Is Astrology?

Well since the day man looked up at the night sky and observed how the stars affect his life, maybe astrology was born. It cannot be said exactly which country or which part of the world it started as it is noticed across cultures and countries. In different versions and in different forms but it is everywhere a study that is based on planetary positions. A rough estimation of your future this can help you to have a better life.

The debate is perhaps as old as astrology itself – whether astrology is a science or not.  However, experts believe it is an inexact science. Inexact science, what’s that? Well science because it does believe in some theories and laws that are universal but in the mean time it also inexact as there are few concepts that change from person to person.

For example a particular planet can do immensely well for one person and it can also destroy another. It is a complicated and confusing but it cannot be denied that it is a science indeed. Many people have spent their entire lives in making astrology whatever it is today. It is something that needs a lot of practice and only few people can learn it. You should be sure that the person you are dealing with knows this science otherwise you can be easily taken for a ride.

A good astrologer will tell you that everyone is born with their own destiny. Astrology can only help you to make your life smoother. It cannot change your fortune. For example if you are destined to meet with a life threatening accident astrology might reduce the
impact of that and make the accident have a little less impact on you and your life but it cannot absolutely remove it from your life.

Astrology cannot make an average person a celebrity. It is not possible and the astrologers who claim they can do this are just lying and should not be trusted. You should use your judgment while dealing with astrology. You do have to trust but not blindly.

Well for those who don’t believe in astrology, let me tell you that kings and queens across the world and for generations have followed astrology. Even today it is followed in all parts of the world. If it was not a subject that could be trusted then how did it survive for these many years? Why people all over the world still believe in its powers. The answer is perhaps complicated but it is true that astrology has a power that has guided people for ages and will continue to do so.

There are evidences all over the world that proves astrology has some power and conviction. Nostradamus was someone who wrote the future of the world as experts to believe that he had written about Hitler, world wars and even the twin tower attacks in 2011 were predicted by him.

There is a study that can help you live a better life. It is your choice completely to believe it or to let it go.

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