Smoke Till The Last Puff

Smoke Till The Last Puff

Life can be compared to a ciggie, just smoke it till the last puff

For what is the use if its half used, it would be just another bluff

Do not get the wrong message, for life cannot go up in smoke

If you actually smoke the ciggie, it will simply make you choke

Smoking here is a metaphor used to signify using it to the best

Just challenge yourself at every corner, put yourself to the test

Be passionate like a smoker, who wants to use till the last bit

But do not go near smoke or drink, if you want to be fine n fit

Before the light in life is extinguished, do not throw it in the bin

This attitude will help you stand up, through all the thick n thin

Whenever you feel the burden is more, and you cannot just walk

Sit down and remember the Divine, with Him just walk the talk

You will feel energized from the source, you will feel new life

This will help you overcome anything, no matter what the strife

Whatever you do, wherever you are, just make sure you burn

You can only get the nectar, if you do the manthan, just churn

Live life kingsize, never crib about your shortcomings or pain

Just believe in giving and helping, not just of your own gain

The universe will bless you abundantly, so just keep going

That the Divine force is within you, remember and be knowing

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