A Transformation In The Endless Cycle: A Tribute

A Transformation In The Endless Cycle: A Tribute

Dear readers, it was just about a week we published the news regarding our beloved member Meetu alias Maa Mokshda having transformed into the fourth stage of life as per the Hindu scriptures, namely that of Sanyasa.

However we have to state that the soul did not stop at that point for long and further transformed into the fifth stage or change of body, which we usually call death to enter in the realms which are beyond description and experience, only known to the enlightened few. We would not express grief, although we are saddened by the untimely demise, because we should always send positive vibrations so that the Atman does not feel any pain but only continues in the eternal journey as destined by the previous and current karmas.

Despite the philosophical attitude, the fact of the matter is that the people who are left behind, specially the family members, near and dear ones, do experience a heartbreak which only time can heal, and no amount of words are sufficient to console them in such a situation. Yet we would not advice them in any manner for as the popular axiom goes as shown below…







So let us take this opportunity to dive within our own selves, to realize that the journey of life is temporary, even if 1 year or 100 years more, so we should take out time to prepare ourselves for this journey. The rituals associated with the death of our loved ones have been made with this purpose in mind in the ancient scriptures.

We only offer our tribute by these few lines

This is a change of phase of life, the change which people call death

It is the cessation of existence of current body, life force and breath

Yet the soul lives on, it is not destroyed, so says Kisna and the sages

We have been hearing this since times immemorial, since the ages

Yet only a few realize this as a fact, for others it is just distant theory

For when someone goes in untimely manner, one just rages with fury

At the Supreme creator for taking away a beautiful soul before time

Yet we do not realize that the karmic laws work subtly and sublime

Take out time to meet and greet people when are still around

For you never know when the mystery of death might surround

The body is just a vehicle meant to transport the body during life

It is the perfect companion though all thick and thin, joy n strife

Yet when the last journey begins, even the body is left at the shore

For the bhavsagar has to be swam across, so says Rishi of the yore

With the last rites, the physical body is consumed by the flame

Gone is the person away from the reach of praise or any blame

Yet those who are left behind, do take their own time to heal

Just be with them, dont teach them how they should deal

For every soul is Divine, this is a time to reflect on that fact

Even if a tinge of realization happens, the person will surely act

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti…………

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