Dhanteras Poem

Dhanteras Poem

It is an occasion to buy stuff and be blessed

Just think of overs too, dont be self obsessed

Though it is best to give gifts to yourself this day

Give to the needy and your prosperity will always stay

Happy Dhanteras

Happy Dhanteras

Dont think you can give to anyone even if you give

If the creator does not want, not even a moment you can live

We all like to buy expensive stuff and enjoy which is not bad

Make someone happy too, one who is bit deprived and sad

Then see how the Dhanteras will have a new meaning for you

Some or the other joy will even shower upon you just out of the blue

For the law of karma operates under everything, even if we dont see

Whatever small seeds we sow, later become a giant tree

So use Dhanteras to sow good karma and ensure your future secure

But dont give with any pride but with the intentions noble and pure

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