Dhanteras: Significance & Celebrations

Dhanteras: Significance & Celebrations

You must have heard that Dhanteras is an auspicious day and you must buy gold, silver or something precious on this day. In this article we will discuss more details about Dhanteras and how exactly it is celebrated. We will also like to touch up on how and why Dhanteras is considered to be a good day to invest on something new.

The Meaning of Dhanteras

Dhanteras is a Sanskrit word if you translate it into English it would mean wealth on thirteenth day. It may not mean much if literally translated. However, if you look deep into it then Dhanteras means that on the thirteenth day of the Krishna paksha gaining wealth is auspicious.

Happy Dhanteras

Happy Dhanteras

On Dhanteras most of the states in India worship Goddess Lakshmi. This is because Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. This day is more significant for the businessmen as this day decides how the year will go and how much profit these people will make in their business.

The Goddess Laksmi is worshipped across India on this day so that she blesses the households and ensures that there is no lack of wealth and prosperity. On Dhanteras people buy gold or silver as per their financial ability.

Goddess Laxmi & Dhanteras

When you buy gold or wealth on Dhanteras you are basically bringing the Goddess Laksmi to your house which is a very auspicious sign on this day particularly. In the morning of Dhanteras the Goddess is worshipped. In the evening aarti is done and a lamp is lighted. This lamp is taken across the house so that the Goddess can bless the house. This must be specially taken to those areas of the house where money and other precious items are kept. This lamp must be also taken to a home office if you have any so that the Goddess can bless your source of income.

Songs of Goddess Lakshmi are sung so that the Goddess is pleased. The rangoli is done at the main door. The foot prints of the Goddess Laksmi are made at the door. This ensures that the Goddess comes to the house or the office. These foot prints are made to welcome the Goddess. You must ensure the foot prints should be made as though the Goddess Lakshmi is entering the house and not leaving the house. Prasadam in the form of fruits and sweets are offered to the Goddess and this is distributed among those attending the puja and also among the others. Some people also buy and wear new clothes on Dhanteras.

Dhanteras timings 2017

Every Dhanteras you will be getting a particular auspicious time that is considered as a good time to buy gold. You must ensure that you do buy your gold or silver in this time. This will bring you good luck and wealth. This year Dhanteras is on 17 October 2017. The puja muhurath for the Dhanteras this year is one hour and ten minutes starting at 7:04pm in the evening and ending at 8:15pm.

Pradosh Kaal will be from 05:45 pm to 08:17 pm

Vrishabha Kaal will be from 07:19 pm to 09:14 pm

History of Dhanteras

We will now discuss how the Dhanteras started to be celebrated. Well there was a prince in the olden times. He was the son of the King Hima. The horoscope of the boy said that his death will be caused by a snake bite on the fourth day of his wedding. This was told to his new bride.

She decided that she will save her husband. She made a heap of all her jewellery and placed a lamp on it. The jewellery started to shine brightly and the whole room was illuminated. The prince was made to stay awake by his wife and she kept singing songs and telling him interesting stories.

As per the prediction the God of death Yama arrived in the form of a serpent. At first he was almost blinded by the shine of the metal. He somehow climbed the heap of the jewellery. Then he saw the wife telling stories and singing songs.

Yama found the stories very interesting and the songs were extremely melodious. He completely forgot the task he had come for. Next morning when he realised this he slowly left without harming anyone. This proves how the new bride was able to save her husband from death with mere cleverness.

This day was since then celebrated as Dhanteras. It is believed that if wealth is bough on this day the household will always be happy and prosperous. The next day of Dhanteras is called the naraka chaturdasi. We will discuss more about this day and yamadeepdaan in our next article.

Alternatively some people also say that on Dhanteras the Samudra manthan ended and the amrit was finally found by the gods and the asuras.. Wish all our readers a very happy Dhanteras and a prosperous year ahead!

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