Dreams of Your Heart

Dreams of Your Heart


We all have some dreams which might not be fulfilled, many of us just give up in the mid way

Yet if they really mean to you, you should never give up, but determined you must always stay

There will be tribulations, there will be obstacles, there will be times of tiredness and tears

There will be your share of troubles, there will be dejection, there will be nightmares and fears

Only those who stay till the end, can see their dreams materialized into reality one day for sure

It needs a determination of iron, nerves of steel, with a heart full of desire which is very pure

Dont give up midway, for just take a look, even if you have not reached, you have come so far

Dreams of your heart are closer than you think, they are not like the distant unreachable star

If you keep going, let nothing stop you, with just one focus, there is nothing you cannot obtain

It is upto you how you maintain that determination and your enthusiasm how you can sustain

When you reach the final goal, dont rest on your achievement, just set even a higher goal

Ultimately you will have to search within, for that is the true destination, your own self, your soul

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