ISIS Kids: This is certainly not Islam

ISIS Kids: This is certainly not Islam


Kids are the nearest forms of human beings which are closest to God

They are always kept aside, whether it is dacoity, bad deeds or fraud

Even the worst of criminals have a soul, they do not use kids at all

Yet some people in the name of Islam do so, such great is their fall

Prophet Mohammed must cry if He sees such misuse of his teachings

He must be thinking what happened, what went wrong in His preachings

Yet any true Muslim would understand and agree, that this is not written

It is only the psycho terrorists who in the name of religion are just smitten

Children are the future, just lead them and show them the rightful way

Else we all will be responsible if they follow such advice and go astray

They are innocent, they know not what they are doing, without any sin

But those who are training them are to be blamed, along with their kin

How can someone be so heartless, to lend a rifle to a few years old

Only those who are not true but their loyalty who have sold

Let us Pray and hope that such kids come out of this brainwash soon

The day it will happen will be great, will be a blessing, a great boon

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