Janamasthami 2016

Janamasthami 2016

Today as Lord Krishna is born, again as a divine incarnation of earth

Let us celebrate with joy and happiness, the eve of his pious birth


Aeons have passed, yet the teachings of Gita are as relevant as ever

They have inspired all, from ignoramus to intellectuals so clever

No one has been able to find a cure for the most hated enemy of man

Why does the old age, come, why is there an end to any clan

The Gita is so vast and so full of knowledge we can ever dream

It is the pearl of all texts, its a collection the knowledge cream

So when the Lord speaks, just listen and all ignorance will disappear

For when the Kisna is with, why to worry at all, why to fear

Ab to ayo, daras dikhao, pyaase hain naan, yoon na tarsao

Apne ashirwad ke jhonke apni ankhon se barsao

Janm Janm ka bhoola hu main is janam mein to aaja

Is janamasthami pe too apna mohak roop hi dikha ja

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