Jab Tak Bika Na Tha Koi Puchta Na Tha

Jab Tak Bika Na Tha Koi Puchta Na Tha


Often this is the case, a diamond lies beneath tons of coal

Unless the jeweller identifies it, it cannot reach its goal

To shine like the morning star, it should be treated and polished

Sometimes it is difficult to do so, unless it is entirely demolished

So when life puts you through its grinding, when you are nearly gone

Remember the time to rise is near, for it is indication of a new dawn

The world does not realize your true worth, unless you get sold

It is only then they value you, and realize you were pure gold

So let the Almighty decide what He has to do with your life

Let it be His will even if you feel you are enduring intense strife

One day the clouds of darkness will finally give way to new light

Till that time you keep moving, remember its your ultimate fight

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