God Is On Leave: Lets Make Someone Happy

God Is On Leave: Lets Make Someone Happy


Today God is on leave, do not go to temple, lets make someone happy with a good deed

The world needs so much love, compassion so let us listen to our inner voice, do pay heed

At the next door there might be a boy who is hunting for a job, help him find some work

There might be some poor and needy, just help them do not run away or shirk

Some aged lady might be abandoned on the roadside, she might not be your mother

Yet treat her as if she were, it might help to give some happiness like no other

Spend time with family, friends, parents, brothers, sisters, and everyone in your life

Do not limit your love in the name of selfishness, just to your spouse, husband or wife

Give food to the poor, there might be people who have not eaten properly since days

Just see the happiness and contentment on their faces, and how it always stays

Do not only limit yourself to finding God in temples and ringing the bells loud

Try to find God in the humans on the ground, do not just search in the cloud

When you wipe a tear, when you bring a smile on face, God will also smile

So that is also true worship, perhaps even greater, if you just think for a while

So today God is on leave, try to find him in the outside world in His creation of beauty

For even that is mandatory if you are alive and breathing, it is also one of your duty

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