Motherland: Always the first choice

Motherland: Always the first choice



Many of us have issues with the motherland, we criticize in day and night

In order to leave for the greener pastures, we constantly struggle and fight

Yet the motherland is just like a mother, in times of need she is always with you

No matter what the situation, through all strife they will see you through

Never ask what the motherland did for you, neither ask this to your mother

What they do and when they do it, none can do except them, no other

Even if you forget the motherland, in time of difficulty you will just call her name

It is easy to forget them both, when you are at the peak of your life, money and fame

Yet they will not forget you, especially when you are down and gone, with no hope

When you find that life is just too stressful, when you can take no more, you cannot cope

It is during those time that the mother and motherland, will come to lift you high

They will not tolerate even your slightest tribulation, even not the smallest of sigh

It is only you will realize this when you get into a situation with no end in sight

That is the time they will come forward to defend you, with all courage and might

Let us salute the mother and motherland, for their debt you can never repay

Just hold the flag in the highest respect, and ensure over there it does stay

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