Significance Of Maa Durga & Navratris In Modern Day Context

Significance Of Maa Durga & Navratris In Modern Day Context

Navratris festivals are going on and we have published several posts related to worship of Goddess Durga and keeping fast and so forth. In today’s discussion we will take a look from the spiritual perspective and see the significance of worshiping Indian Goddess Durga during the navratris beyond the custom and tradition and also see the spirituality behind it.

Significance of Indian Goddess Durga

Durga refers to the feminine form on an Indian Goddess or deity which manifests itself in various forms. We will not go into the mythological details of the deity but will try to see the logic behind the symbolic representation of the feminine aspect of the universal force and try to see the significance of the Navratris in that light.

Indian Goddess Durga

Indian Goddess Durga

Basically the Goddess Durga represents our own inner powers which a person has forgotten and is being disturbed in every day life and tortured by the demons of hatred, jealousy, ignorance and other negative aspects which are creating a disturbance in the peace of mind and the natural harmony of the human beings.

Why Fast and Abstain from Alcohol?

These nine days are basically meant to make yourself pious by refraining temporarily from activities which create non-satvik vibrations such as eating meat, drinking and so forth. Once these are followed the mind of the person becomes relatively more calm is it is relatively bit easier to dive within in meditation to get a glimpse of the reality. This is the reason that stress is laid on fasting and abstaining from eating meat or any other form of alcohol consumption and so forth.

The Demon Slayer

After a few days of keep self restraint, a person is certainly able to control one’s mind in a better way, even if he or she does not become a master of the self in this time. Hence the person can control the demonic forces of greed, lust, anger, hatred etc in a better way and hence this is symbolic of the slaying one’s own sanskaras which are in the form of seeds which give rise to these demons every now and then and there is a constant battle going on in the battle platform of the human being

It is only when a person realizes his or her true reflection of the Divine and reaches the state of moksha, samadhi, superconsciousness or whatever you might call it, that the Divine Mother portrayed as the Indian Goddess Durga rises to the occasion and slays all the demons.

How to Celebrate Navratris?

Given the fact that now you know the true relevance of the nine days symbolized in the form of different forms of Maa Durga, you would be in a much better position to celebrate Navratris and obtain blessings from the Goddess in the form of your own self spiritual awakening and reaching a state of bliss from where all life force emerges and prevades the entire universe.

Once you reach that supreme state of being, all demons are slayed forever but as for the rest of us, we need to constantly engage in the battle against demons, always keeping a looking for realizing the potential within us and trying to awaken the Goddess Durga not only during these nine days but to make that as one of the prime goals of our lives.


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