Extraterrestrial Bodies Affect Animal Behavior

Extraterrestrial Bodies Affect Animal Behavior

Astrology is ancient science and art and has been practiced since ages. It has also been observed that the heavenly objects not only effect human beings but other living forms like animals as well. There has been lots of research going on even in the modern times. One such research was conducted in France to check for any evidence of connections between extraterrestrial bodies and animal behavior. Experiments were carried out on puppies to determine in there birth time and dates would have any influence on behavior patterns by Fuzeau-Braesch who was an Honorary Director at the popular National Center for Scientific Research or CERN, France.

Extraterrestrial Bodies Affect Animal Behavior

Extraterrestrial Bodies Affect Animal Behavior

Evidence of Extraterrestrial Bodies Effects She has researched on animal behavior connections with astrology and has made a ground breaking discovery that depending on the time and date of birth of each individual animal it shows different behavior patterns. She began her research in the 1970’s initially on paper and as she got more evidence began experimenting on different animals.

Later as her reports began getting more encouraging she partnered with breeders who had more animals to study. This gave her a chance to study many animals born at different time of different days and the study shows that each animal showed it own different behavior characteristics. The study was published in the journal for scientific exploration. All people involved it the studies were mentioned on in the journal.

The Observations

For anyone interested in knowing the full details of the experiments carried out and the results which were astonishing in the sense that they tended to prove the points of astrology rather than disprove them, a book is recommended which is as follows:

Astrology Off The Beaten Track: A Scientific Study of Planets and Personality

As the name itself suggests, this book tried to find out the connection between astrology and the behavioural patterns exhibited by dogs of a specific breed and the results showed that for each of the different traits of these dogs had a corresponding unique signature in their heavenly charts (horoscopes as we call them in case of human beings).

Basically it must be a pretty astonishing discovery for the western world, but the seers of the East had propounded these astrological theories ages ago, though in different cultures and sects they were mixed up with local customs, traditions and beliefs apart from their core concepts which were pretty scientific in the sense that they were made from observation, experimentation and inference.

The Metaphysical Significance

One does not need to go much deeper to explain the reasons for these findings. Basically as we have been stating earlier in our previous articles as well, astrology basically is a symbolic expression of the universal force that binds all creation and is like a subtle thread which ties each of the living and non living forms to one another through the invisible threads of karmas.

Hence the heavenly bodies are basically markers in the sky so to speak and they indicate rather than govern, the main governing force or destiny is just a sum total of the past karmas. Hence this gives a more logical explanation of the evidence which was seen in terms of effects of extraterrestrial bodies or the planets on different forms of life.

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