More Information On The Mount of Venus – Part II

More Information On The Mount of Venus – Part II

We learnt about the basics of The Mount of Venus in the first part, now here you go with further information on this topic.

Some people have long lines that show the affairs were very long and some have light lines that run only for a small length making them light hearted flirts. The most common patterns are of a grill that appears on the Mount of Venus signifies the sensuality of a person. If a cross is found on the Mount is signifies that the person would find his truelove in his life. If the appearance of a triangle is there it signifies that the person would only marry for monetary gains. If a star appears at the base of the Mount it implies that one will have trouble in finding that special person.

Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus

Small circles which may appear represent adultery in the person’s life. The square on this mount shows that the person will get a lot of support and love from his or her friends in life. A dark spot on this mount may mean that the person will face problem in love and sex life. A circle means success in love and also in art and literature. An island on this mount may mean that the person is not satisfied easily.

A square on this mount keeps a person safe from the wrong effects of excessive love and sex. If the square is at the lower end of the mount then the person may become very alone. An angle like formation may make the person live a life of merriment. A net on this mount may mean that the person will have a very high passion in life for sex and will not even care about social values.  A star like presence on this mount will stop the person from gaining success in love and sex. They will also suffer from waste of money and time.

A love for luxury also means that you will have to get the source from where you will manage these luxuries and the source can be a good job or business. This is where the connection with the mount of sun comes in. the mount of sun determines the success of a person. If the mount of Venus is supported with a strong mount of Sun then the person will eventually earn well in life and be successful as well as intelligently use the money earned for a better and luxurious life.

There is a very strong interconnection between all the lines and mounts on our palms. This makes it all the more necessary to see the overall position of the hand and not just few aspects to understand the position better.

The texture of the palm also plays a significant role in the palmistry. If the palm is prominent and the Mount of Venus region feels coarse it may signify that the individual craves and lives for all worldly pleasures. If this palm is opposite – soft, smooth and prominent it signifies that they may just be a great lover. You must consult a good astrologer to understand this mount better. It is a very vital mount and plays a significant role in your marriage and love life.

As far as health concerns are considered a very weak mount of Venus may indicate that the person will have a suicidal nature and will also suffer from reproductive problems.

There is a belief that if there is an alphabet that you can see on the mount of Venus then that will be the first letter of the person you will get married to. Maybe just a hoax but can be a good indicator so why don’t you see the letter on your mount of Venus today. We have so far discussed a lot about the mount of Venus and all its interesting features. You can now locate it on your palm and also analyze the meaning of its size and shape. No wonder this mount is considered to be the mount of luxury and love.

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