What Do Some Dreams Mean?

What Do Some Dreams Mean?

When was it last that you had a bad dream and no matter how much you try you are not able to forget it. It is affecting your peace of mind and you really don’t know how to deal with it. Some of us keep dreaming the same dreams again and again. We cannot control these dreams as they are coming from our subconscious self. We will try to explain few common dreams here. Dreams that we all see but we don’t know what they mean and how they are affecting our lives. After you know the meaning of these dreams you will be able to control to certain effect the factor that is behind these. If you can control the source then slowly you will be able to get over these dreams. Dreams inspire us to bring out the best within ourselves. They are like escapes, in dreams we can be whatever we want to be and do whatever we wanted to ever do. We can fly; we can visit exotic locations we can be anything that we want to be. However, dreams are also windows to the future at times. It is a source that the mind and soul use at times to tell us about some unforeseen events. With dream analysis you can interpret almost all your dreams. This will help you to prepare for the future.

A dream that occurs quite often is that you are walking on the streets or in a public place and you realise all of a sudden that you are naked. This dream symbolises shame. This happens when one is ashamed of themselves and it trying to hide that. It can also signify that you are afraid of others knowing something that you have been trying to conceal from them. This common dream that we all have is the feeling of falling, falling down stairs or just falling. If you have a dream of just toppling then it shows insecurities, instability and anxiety that you are suffering from. It can be mental, emotional and even financial instability. This also indicates a situation where you have lost control in life.  If you dream of a major fall. Then it might symbolise failure. Failure to succeed or proceed in life, failing in a major exam and for that matter failing in love is more commonly associated with these dreams.  It is also associated with failing to satisfy some one physically or sexually. These dreams mostly happen in the first stage of sleep when our muscles are awake. You might feel a jerk and also wake up by it.

Talking of common dreams, we will have to discuss about is a flying dream. We have often dreamt of flying. It is a lucid dream that occur when we consciously know that we are in dream. These dreams occur when one is super happy and excited and have this feel that they have conquered the world.  If the feeling of flying is not controlled, you feel that you are propelled by something and have no control over the flight then it means a stage in life where you have lost control and you are being governed by some or something else. If you see some obstacles in your flight then it means that you know that there are people who are trying to stop you from getting to the goals. If you are not having a smooth fly and not flying very high then it means a case of low confidence. In case you see yourself flying very high and you are scared of the flight then it may seem that you are scared of something in life and you don’t want to take the challenge. Flying dreams come to those who are very strong willed and are aiming very high in life. It is so as flying itself is something that we cannot do physically. It is for people for whom sky is literally the limit.

Have you had a chase dream ever? A chase dream is very common. Running or feeing is an activity we do when we want to run away from a situation. You might dream of being chased by an animal, or even a monster. This signifies that in real life you are trying to run away from someone or a situation and you don’t want to face it. You might personify your anger, jealousy or maybe even fear. If the person who chases you is a shadowy character that you cannot see then your emotions might be the reason for these chases. Next time you are being chased you try to turn back and confront this person and ask why you are being chased. This may be very effective in getting rid of this dream. Women who are more vulnerable see these dreams more than men.

A dream that often disturbs people is the dream of falling teeth. Well the dream goes like a tooth falling or you realising all of a sudden that a teeth has fallen off. These are dreams that are more common among actors and models that are very look conscious. It is basically a feeling of losing your good looks and others noticing you’re not as attractive as you seem to be. It is basically common among people who are insecure about their good looks. The dream is also associated with the fear of getting old. The teeth is used to chew and grind so in case you dream about losing your teeth it may also mean that you have lost control of the situation in hand and you feel powerless. This may be dealt with by you becoming more assertive in your actions. In many cultures a falling teeth in dream may signify your lack of faith in god and even death of a family member. Some also believe that a falling tooth may indicate loss of money.

A dream that has haunted all of us at some point of life or other is failing a test. How many time have you dreamt that you forgot all the answers, you have no clue what to write in the paper, the paper you got is not the subject you prepared for, a pencil breaking down and a pen just not writing. I am sure many a times. We even dream these long after we have finished our formal education and writing all our tests. Well these dreams are basically an indication that we are neglecting some aspect in our life that requires immediate attention. The situation is a challenge and we will have to face it. As we know that every day we are writing a test in some form or the other, these dreams just help us to look into some details that we are missing.

There is no science behind this analysis. Nevertheless, many people across the world are actively involved in dream analysis and they have helped a lot of people suffering from sleep disorders. Many psychologists also recommend these as treatments. What we have discussed here is a very few dreams. The different people might have different dreams depending on the physical and mental state they are in and the nature. In case you get a dream that was not covered in this article then do visit dream analysts at the earliest to understand the source or root of your dream so that you can control it before it starts controlling your life. Next time you see any of these above dreams you should know why they are occurring and how can you control them.

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