Life Line Reading

Life Line Reading

One of the very prominent lines in our palm is the life line. It is also considered to be one of the most significant lines in our palms. We are now going to discuss more about this particular line. Its significance and how it can influence our lives. There are various patters and shapes of this line we will discuss that in details now. This is a very important and significant line as it not only tells about our personality but also about our lives as a whole. Before we move into more details let us first find out where we find it. It starts from the edge of the palm between the index finger and the thumb and moves to the middle of the wrist. This line is found in almost all hands in different size, shapes and clarity but it is always there.

When the life line is long and does not break in between it is considered to be a sign of a long life. Apart from the length of life it also indicates some major happenings in one life time. It can also tell volumes about one’s character and personality. A long and defined life line also indicates that the person has a strong mind and personality. A straight and short life line indicates that the person will have a lot of respect in life and will do well in professions like leaders and politicians. If the life line is too curved then it means that the person will have to struggle hard to achieve anything in life. Success will not come easily to them. The life line at time can be broken at many places and not a clear one. This proves that the person will be a little stubborn in nature and will not listen to others. This kind of line for a woman is very bad as it will make it difficult for the woman to find a good husband. When this line breaks in the beginning then again gets back on track means that the person will start life on a low note but with time the luck will change and bring good fortune to the person. Sometime it is found that the line is not smooth it breaks and joins again. This means that the person will be a multi tasked and will try various professions before they choose a career and a line of business. A small life line on both the palms might not be a good sign. It might not be that you will have a small life it can also mean some other trouble that you may face. Don’t ignore this and do consult a good astrologer about the same.

This life line can also at times start from the mount of moon. This indicates that the person will have to move out of his or her home land to make a career. These people have a strong influence of the opposite sex it can be a husband or a boyfriend and vice versa who have a strong influence in the life and career of these people. The life line in some rare cases might go all the way and meet the head line. This is not a good sign as this indicates that the person will have a difficult love life and will be very materialistic as a result will hardly make any relationships for life. A normal life line that curves to meet the wrist shows that these people will be very close to their parents and will always do a great deal of sacrifices for their parents. A snake like life line is also rare but is not uncommon. People with this kind of life line cannot concentrate easily. If your child has a life line like this then try to support him or her more and ensure that they don’t lose interest in studies and get carried away. Frequent breaks in the life line indicate someone who tries things gets bored and then leaves it.

You can also find cases where this life line ends where the heart line begins. This proves that the person will have a lot of relationships in life and thereby will complicate lives. The life line at time can also start from the mount of Venus. This makes one lucky and gets a lot of support and love in life. It is found that the life line can even start as two separate lines from the mount of moon and then later merge into one. If this is how your life line is then is rest assured that you definitely have some creative ability in you? You can use to make money in life and also be very successful in performing arts. For women this means that you will land up marrying a man who Is rich and influential.

The life line generally is one straight line. Nevertheless, it has been noted that at times it also has a sub line that can be curved or straight. If the sub line is curved then it means that you will face a lot of difficulty in life if it is a clear straight line then it means that the person will be very successful and achieve great heights in life. In most palms the life line is found a little curved. However, in certain cases it can even be a straight strong line. If so the person is believed to have great business sense and can achieve a lot in life. There are some palms where you can even find a life line that is straight and long it goes up to the fingers. People with these life lines achieve great things in life and become successful and even very well known. A straight life line on any palm is a proof of high confidence and powerful personality. Another pattern of life line that can be found is one in which the line starts from the middle of the heart line and moves on. In this case the person makes a drastic change in their life and achieves great heights.

Now that we have discussed the various shapes and sizes of life lines let us discuss about the various patters that are often found on the life line. Breaks and cut on the life line may mean serious disease and even operations. A star on this line indicates a severe surgical operation. Islands on and around this line indicates life threatening diseases like cancer and aids. A colour dot on this line may also indicate a bad health condition. A diamond like shape on this line means gynaecological troubles. A black spot at the end of the line may mean sudden death. If you can see any of these patterns then do visit an astrologer and try to get a remedy to sort these problems. It can be stone or some puja that can help you to improve your health concerns. Moreover, you must always keep in mind that the life line is also supported with the other lines in the palm and the mounts that together can help you deal with a bad time. You have to look at the total picture always.

This is all that we could discuss in this article about this interesting palm line that makes so much of difference to our lives. I hope you will find this of help and be able to analyse this line better. A detailed calculation and study of the palm can also help you to understand the exact date and time when your life is expected to take a major turn and when exactly can you expect to meet with an accident. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the lines of our palms keep changing with time. You should keep consulting astrologers regularly. Moreover, if any of the patterns that we have discussed above suddenly appear on your palm then too you must consult a good astrologer and try to find out what must be done about it. This can help you to be aware and also take precaution during that time. In case there is another sign on symbol on this line that we did not cover then do contact your local astrologers for help. They will be able to guide you better. The topic is huge and a lot more can be discussed. With time we will keep updating this space with more details so keep looking out.

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