Karma, Will Power, Destiny: The Confusing Trio

Karma, Will Power, Destiny: The Confusing Trio

This article is written totally from the perspective of a common man, not having much deeper knowledge about the concepts of philosophy, religion or spiritualism except what he or she has heard while growing up and is quite immersed the whirlwind of daily chores of life.

Karma, Destiny, Will Power

The Eternal Quest

The Dilemma of Layman

True, a spiritual person would advice them to follow the higher principles and study deeply but still some doubts remain in the mind of such people that while some people say destiny is supreme and no use fighting against the current and better to go with the flow, others say that will power is supreme and can move mountains, while still others say karma is supreme and nothing else matters.

The Common Factor

So since reality or truth is only one and it should be having the same meaning whether seen from different perspectives, where do all these roads lead to. Such a discussion would help us to see if there any uniformity in all these theories or they just sprang randomly at different points of time in history to temporarily answer the questions which people could not answer.

Well if you see deeply the unity between these definitions certainly exists. Karma is supreme in the sense that whatever you do has an effect which could be either in immediate future, near future or later on. So when a person has done some karmas very strongly either good or bad, their results combine to form destiny. This destiny acts like a force of friction in case its very negative or like an accelerator if its very positive. So a person with positive destiny could achieve whatever is desired with little effort, while it could be the other way round for a person with negative destiny.

Go With The Flow Or Resist?

The way to deal with a situation depends on the temperament of the person. If a person is feeling dejected, depressed and possibly deciding to end up taking some drastic wrong step, it is normally suggested in such a situation that go with the flow, but that does not mean that destiny is supreme it only means that when the force of destiny has softened, the person can again make efforts and will get better results.

But if a person is very strong willed, for him the advice would not be to go with the flow but to resist as strongly as possible, even if perishing in the attempt to succeed because that would ultimately change the destiny too by creating a strong opposite force.

The Bridge

So the factor of will power acts as the bridge between destiny and doing the right karma and in turn will power is something which is not built in a day but is a part of the character and nature of the human being acquired through a combination of the sanskaras of upbringing and continuous efforts at development.

A strong will can surely move mountains but that will should be strong in the mind and not only in the words. If you tend to be heroic but get scared at the very mention of obstacles then you are not strong willed. A strong willed person is normally very subtle and silent at the outset usually speaking.

What About Rebirth/Reincarnation?

Here another concept comes into the mind which is reincarnation. Normally religions are divided over this concept but if you go beyond religion and only see from the sense of logic and reasoning, it seems much more reasonable to correlate the concept of destiny, karma and all if one thinks of life as a succession of lives in a series and not just one life.

Even science says that nothing can be created or destroyed but can only change form and same goes for human life too. Still, irrespective of the fact whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the relation of the above entities should be clear to you by now.

DIY In Meditation: Does it Work?

There is a popular saying that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So the best thing is to calm your mind and thoughts through the process of meditation or any other technique like say tratak sadhana etc and try to go deep within to seek the answers. All answers lie within you while we always try to seek an external manifestation of them.

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