Laxmi Pooja Mantras In Hindi For Prosperity and Wealth

Laxmi Pooja Mantras In Hindi For Prosperity and Wealth

The realm of Spiritualism has answers to all aspects of life, not only related to the highest Spiritual quests which lead a man/woman to their own inner soul and the ultimate realization but also there are methodologies which pertain to everyday issues of life. In this article titled Laxmi pooja mantras in Hindi, we take a look at some of the mantras or sacred syllables or sounds which could help one to overcome financial difficulties in life and move towards prosperity and growth.

Laxmi Ji Pooja

Laxmi Ji Pooja

Importance of Goddess Laxmi

Most of the people reading this article would be familiar with Goddess Laxmi which a female deity in Hindu religion and is known to be the Goddess of Wealth. Some people ask a question that the wealth is supposed to be associated with Lord Kuber, but let us tell you that although Lord Kuber is like a treasurer, the main authority on wealth is Maa Laxmi, hence the reason why She is worshipped along with Lord Ganesha as we have explained in detail in our another article titled Diwali pooja vidhi.

Signifiance of Laxmi Pooja Near Diwali

Apart from being specifically worshipped around Deepawali when the results of the Prayers are increased manifold, there is also the benefit of performing Laxmi pooja anytime during the year. It is just that during this festive season when more people are carrying out this activity, the atmosphere is surcharged with vibrations which are helpful in attuning one’s mind towards this goal, otherwise for an advanced sadhak, there is hardly a difference between this time and other times of the year which are all pious. Infact this concept is closely related to the thought of a person being spiritual but not overly religious as has been beautifully portrayed in that article.

Sri Laxmi Pooja Mantras In Hindi

It has been a popular demand from our readers that we normally put up mantras and other pooja vidhis in English. Actually the main reason being that English is the common language globally but we do have a translation feature at our website too which will translate our articles into Hindu, although we must also say that since this translation is based on third party tools, we cannot ensure full and authentic translation which is done by the software, so for any such doubts or queries you can personally contact us through the contact us option at this page.

Many people would take thousands of rupees from you to perform Laxmi Pooja on your behalf. We will not go to the extent of saying that all of them are fake and may or may not do the pooja with full vidhi after taking the money, there are certainly genuine people too, but it is best if you do the ritual yourself and we have presented it in a manner which is easy and not overly sophisticated. Just remember that when your true faith is used to water the seeds of mantras, they surely bring forth the desired results, than depending on anyone else.

Audio & Visual Mantra Clippings

Given below is an audio clipping which depicts how the Laxmi pooja mantra can be recited in Hindi. Please do note that the proper vidhi of doing this not only includes reciting the mantra but also has external features like placing the pooja samagri in front of you and doing a certain action along with it but having said that, since it could lead to complications and one might feel disinterested in doing thinking its very difficult, just take the name of the Goddess Laxmi and do the ritual in the mind with a true faith. It will certainly help to you gain benefits

The Laxmi pooja mantras in Hindi in the audio clip below have deliberately been recited by a common man and not a pundit ji and this is only to connect with the masses and to show that Goddess Laxmi can be worshipped by anyone having faith and will help them in their lives. The image below shows these mantras written English but as they are pronounced in Hindi while the audio clip below that is pronounced in Hindi.

Laxmi Pooja Mantras

Laxmi Pooja Mantras

Audio for This is Here

After this you need to chant this mantra 108 times

“Om Namo Mahālakṣmyai Namah |”

In the end do Pray to the Lord do forgive for any errors that might have occurred in the Prayers.

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