Lines On Forehead – The Line Of Mysticism

Lines On Forehead – The Line Of Mysticism
Lines On Forehead - The Line Of Mysticism

Lines On Forehead

We all know that our palms have lines that the astrologers read in order to understand our future. However, there are some lines on our forehead that too can be used for the same purpose.

Forehead Lines: How Many?

Very few of us actually know about these intricate lines. There are seven such lines on our forehead that have different significance and importance in our lives.

Line of Mysticism

We will now tell you about the line of mysticism which is a very important line on our forehead. This is one of those seven lines that are not generally found on all the foreheads. Very few people actually have these on their foreheads.

The line of mysticism is the line number one (1) that is shown in the picture enclosed. This is a very important line. It can also be called as the topmost line in the forehead. Even if you have incomplete lines of mysticism don’t be upset as just the presence of this line is a good indicator.


This line is mostly found in people who are good with analysis and have a scientific bend of mind. Mostly these people have an exceptional ability to foresee things. They can critically analyse any theory. This makes them good with research.

The ones with line of mysticism are very hard working. They have huge passion to find the unknown. They can spend hours in the labs or in the study. They will not rest until they have found all the answers to the questions that they have.

This makes them loners as they like to spend more time on research and less time on socialising. They might not be a good option for marriage or for a relationship if you are looking for a good companionship.

Some experts do belive that this line of mysticism is a sign of extra intelligence.  This is perhaps not needed. If the talent of these people are not channelized properly then the person might become a criminal. They can be very smart and can crack any code. These people are also professional hackers at times. If you have a child with this line then you must ensure that you understand the talents of the kid and make them work towards the same.

The ones with a line of mysticism will mostly be very sharp. They can be good magicians as they will normally have a brain that has an edge over others. Many top magicians in the world have this line on their forehead. Any job that requires a different line of thinking can be easily taken up by these people.

What we mean by this is the job of an astrologer which is an inexact science and requires a good and sharp mind. The job of a psychic for example where the one doing it might have the extra ability to judge the situation and respond to it accordingly. What we are basically trying to say is that these people generally take up jobs that are not the conventional type. This is mainly because they can see things that you and I cannot.

Passionate People

These people are mostly successful in whatever they do as they have a passion for the same. They will never do a nine to five job. They are here to change the world. You will have to appreciate and understand that. Only when you understand this can you get along with them. They will never pretend and cheat. They follow something that we cannot imagine. They are immensely unpredictable. If you are closely associated with these people who have a strong line of mysticism you have to understand and respect their free mind.

Dynamic and Different

Perhaps the world needs these people to change it. Sometime the line is long, sometime it is short. The longer the line of mysticism the stronger will be the influence on the person. A short line of mysticism means that there will be an influence of these qualities on the person. However, it might not be very significant.

If the line is crooked or broken by any chance then these people may become very self involved. They can also use their talents to become hardcore criminals. These people can also get involved with black magic and witch craft. No need to say that they will be very good at this too. This may make them a threat to the society and the world.

This is all that we had to tell you about line of mysticism. Interesting indeed but a word of caution must be mentioned here. The ones with a line of mysticism must consult an expert. What we have told here is a general idea about the line of mysticism. There are more to it and that can be explained only by the experts. Who can tell you how exactly the line of mysticism will affect your life.

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