How To Develop An Auric Sight?

To perceive and see Aura we need to increase the sensitivity of our eyes and improve coordination between left and right hemisphere of our brain. We have noticed that children develop an auric sight much easily than adults because their central vision is not damaged yet but when a child starts going to school he gets trained to behave in a certain way and slowly and gradually he loses his Auric sight.

How to see other people’s Aura

The ability to see other person’s aura can be acquired by following simple steps described below, but it requires an immense amount of practice and high levels of sensitivity. It is important to practice the steps everyday for developing this ability. It may take a few days before you are actually able to see an aura. The steps are:

1. Let one person sit in front of you with a very soft white background.

2. Look at one point; may be centre of the forehead is better. Often it is called the third eye of the person. In Indian culture, many spiritual people put a dot on that place.

3. Look at that place for 30 to 60 seconds or may be even longer.

4. After 30-40 seconds look around the person while concentrating on the same spot. You must concentrate on the spot and avoid looking around. You will see that the background is brighter than other places. The longer you see the clearer it will become. Gradually you will start feeling the vibrations in your eyes.

5. More advanced practice has been done in dark room but that definitely needs more practice.

How to see your own Aura

We have already discussed that everything and every living being has an aura. Having practiced seeing other persons aura, it is time to learn how to see one’s own aura. Once again, it is simple but requires a great amount of practice and sensitivity. The steps that you should follow to detect your own aura are:

Stand in front of a full sized mirror, there should not be any shadow and background should be very light and soft. Then focus on your forehead, and look at one point for few seconds. Practice every day for 15-20 minutes to increase the sensitivity for vibrations. It takes time to develop an auric sight.

Meaning of Aura and its Color

Our behavior is stereotypical; we lead our lives as per our habits and so called manners, taught by others. To find out someone’s true nature we have to learn to see their aura. Basically, the brighter and cleaner an aura is the more spiritually advanced a person is considered. A uniform aura reflects a balanced personality. Although our whole body is surrounded by aura but the aura around our head relates with our personality. Generally people have one or two dominating colors in their aura, there are chances that would be their favorite colors too. Moreover, our aura changes with our thoughts may be just for a few seconds.

Just as in the natural order positive and negative go together, good and bad exit together so do colors indicating positivity and negativity. Read through the information to find out about positive and negative colors and what does an aura of each color indicate.

Positive Colors: The positive colors are purple, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, red and pink.

Purple: An aura with the dominating color being purple indicates that the person is governed by spiritual thoughts.

Blue: A blue aura indicates survival skills. It indicates balanced and sustained thoughts. A person can survive even in a jungle. They are true survivors.

Turquoise: A turquoise aura indicates that the person is dynamic and full of energy. They are good in multitasking and get bored if confined in one job.

Green: People with the green color dominating in the aura shows a restful and peaceful personality. In their company people feel relaxed.

Yellow: Yellow aura is for people who are highly spiritual. Every spiritual person will have a yellow halo around their head. Images of Buddha and Christ are always shown as having an aura of this color. An aura of this color shows inner joy, contentment and these people don’t get involved in worldly attachments.

Orange: The color orange in the aura shows a desire of to control people.

Red: An aura dominated by the color red shows materialistic orientations of a person.

Pink: The color pink shows balance between materialism and spiritualism. People with this color dominating in the aura are very rare to get on earth.

Negative Colors: The negative colors are brown, grey, sulfur and white

Brown: A brown aura indicates materialistic, negative and distracting nature of a person.

Grey: The color grey denotes dark thoughts, negative intensions and depressing.

Sulfur: An aura of sulfur color depicts anger, pain and a person who is not at ease.

White: An aura of white color denotes disease, lack of harmony and death.

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