Numerology and Personality Traits

Destiny or Expression number and life path number shows one’s overall path in life and where one belongs in this world. Life path number tells more about one’s goal in life and destiny number reveals more about one’s personality traits.

After calculating the expression number, one can find out about one’s or anyone’s traits, which can guide them further in many ways. To calculate the expression number use numerological chart given below

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Let us work through an example to understand how the expression number is to be calculated. If we intend to calculate the expression number for Jennifer Lopez :

The first step is to add up all the numbers representing the alphabets in the name. In the case of Jennifer Lopez the number would come to 11 (1+5+5+5+9+6+5+9+3+6+7+5+8=747+4=11)

There are 9 expression number in numerology and 2 master numbers which are 11 and 22. Jennifer Lopez is represented by the master number 11

Characteristics of Numbers

Number 1

They are born leader. Number 1 are very ambitious and do not need any supervision. They are self independent and self reliant. They sometimes need someone to follow them with details but they know how to handle things. They can be good leaders, businessmen, sales executives or even promoters. On the negative side they can be very aggressive sometimes and egotist.


These types of people are good team players as they like to be in a group. They are often overlooked by others due to their shy nature. They love details but on the other hand if number 2 vibration is too much in their personality, it will make them over sensitive. These kinds of people get hurt easily and can not concentrate on their work on hand.

Number 3

They are very good in communication skills and marketing skills. Their style of conversation is very inspiring for others. They can be a good salesmen, teacher, legislator, singer or actor. They are very easy going, and that can be a problem for them. They might fall into petty matters, especially in gossips.

Number 4

They like everything in order. They are very passionate about their work. Many doctors are of this number. They are honest, sincere and love doing things perfectly. On the negative side, to fulfill their responsibility to the perfection, can make them frustrated and put them in low mood. They need not to be dogmatic and not to lose focus from bigger picture.

Number 5

People with the energy of number 5 are multi-talented. They are quick thinker and they know how to get work done from people. They are very energetic and can get success in the business of entertainment. Their adaptability is helpful in their constructive freedom but in the search of freedom they cannot stay in one kind of job or situation for long.

Number 6

People represented by number 6 are driven by a sense of great responsibility. They are honest and open in all relations. The qualities of number 6 make them a very conscious parent. On the other, driving by the sense of duty, they often don’t express themselves and sacrifice their need over others.


Number 7 people are very practical individuals who like to work alone. They are logical and love study every subject very deeply whether it is science or religion. They have very less sense or understanding of emotions.

Number 8

Number 8 individuals are highly ambitious and have a desire to accumulate material things. They have a great sense of judging people. Their qualities of running behind money and power can become extreme sometime and needs to be controlled.

Number 9

Number 9 individuals are very sensitive of others feeling and like help. They are good in doing things if get the freedom to involve with others. But on the negative side if they don’t get involved in philanthropic activities in time, it can be left undeveloped and they tend to be insensitive towards others.

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