Life Path Periods

Life path periods is in addition to life path numbers. Life path number or birth number remains the same in the  numerological life path chart.  Information about life path period can be used to refine our knowledge about the life path. There are three life path periods everyone experiences in their life span.

Calculating Life Path Periods

To calculate life path periods, we need individual’s birth date. The month number of the birth date reduced to a single digit or master number indicates the first life path period. The second life path period is determined by the day of the birth date, reduced to a single digit. The final and third life path period is indicated by the year of birth reduced to single digit or master number.

Timing of Life Path Periods

The timing of life path period begins at birth and a change in a personal year 1 of an individual. This transition is very gradual. The first period lasts at least for 28 years – the time the moon takes to come back to its original place. At that point of time an individual subject also comes to the age of 28.

At the age of 28, the personal year is calculated again and if then personal year is 1 it means this is the beginning of second life period and if it is 2 then the previous year would be considered the beginning of second period but if the personal year is anything from 3-9 then the subject has to wait for the beginning of next 9 year cycle i.e. for personal year 1.

This same process should be used to determine the third life path period. It should be the personal year before, on or after the 56th birthday.


A subject’s birth date is April 12, 1943. It is in the year 1971 that he reaches the age of 28. That makes his personal year (1943+28=1971) 9, so 1971 would be personal year 9, 1972 would be personal year 8 and so on. For a person born in the year 1977 is his personal year would be 1. That will be the beginning of his second life period. In the year 1999 he will turn 56, making personal year 1 for him, indicating the beginning of third life path period which will last all through his life time till death.

First Life Path Period

The first life period starts at birth and includes one’s school years and young adulthood work experiences. Whatever a person learns in this formative period lays a foundation for his second life path period.

Second Life Path Period

This period is person’s middle age which touches person’s family life, career, and other social aspects. What experiences a person learn in this period stays with him in later life.

Third Life Path Period

This life period is time to gain wisdom and knowledge and fulfill dreams which are left to achieve in last two periods. In this period you enjoy what you have accumulated in those two periods.

The energy of first life period can be felt in the beginning of second life period for couple of years but slowly it fades away, same with second life path period vibration can be felt before third period even starts.

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