Personal Year in Numerology

Numerology uses numbers to help us know our past and take a peek into our future also. In this article, we will see how to determine our personal year number and understand the vibrations of numbers in the context of timing. The life path number is always the same but numbers which are associated with each year following your birth are called your personal year numbers. Personal year numbers are very easy to calculate, we simply add up the birth date and month with current year number or the year we want to get the answer about. For example:

If your birth date is March 3, 1980 then you simply add the Month (March) = 3, Date = 3 and Current year = 2011. In the above example – 3+3+2+0+1+1 = 10, reduce again to get a single digit 1+0 = 1

The final personal year number is 1.

Remember that numbers are chronological so if your personal year number is 1 in this year then next year it will be 2, next year will be 3 and so on.

Meaning of personal year numbers in numerology

Personal Year 1

This is the year to act. You are stronger than ever, may be others will find you less sociable now but you are busier and you need to keep yourself focused. It’s time to be independent.

Personal Year 2

This year is a peaceful year and you will be less active compare to other years. It shows companionship and you will be more concerned about other’s need.

Personal Year 3

This year you are going to be more social and will make more new friends. You are more open and in a mood of adventure but be careful you don’t waste your energy. Focus on personal freedom.

Personal Year 4

This year is to get busy and not to get lazy. It can be hard and lonely so needs to get organized and concentrate on practical things.

Personal Year 5

This year is of freedom and exploration. It’s time to make new relations and friends. Be ready to be adventurous and look for new opportunities while enjoying life.

Personal Year 6

This is a good year, bringing harmony in love and family. Love relation made in this year last longer. It is time to be positive.

Personal Year 7

This is the year of preparation and not for changes. It is a good year for study and to reflect on past commitments. It’s time to prepare you for future years and not expand yourself.

Personal Year 8

This is a year of achievements especially in a material world. Not good time for love just because your focus is on material things. It is time to take risk and move forward.

Personal Year 9

It is time to let go. This year when you have to let dead things go, not necessarily a new beginning but time to leave which is of no use.

By knowing you personal year number, you can understand the vibrations of specific years in your life. Knowledge about personal year can help you prepare yourself better.

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