Kirlian Technology

Kirlian Technology is the only way to register our Aura vibrations at present. It was in the 19th century that Nikola Tesla observed that our body illuminates in certain conditions. The name of the technology is coined after the name of Kirlian couple from Russia who recorded these images of body glow in the year 1939 for the first time.

When you want to record the natural vibrations around your body you need some kind of movement. As our body produces static electricity when we touch something the energy is released. This electricity is part of our bio-energy and it is completely safe to record these vibrations with using a camera developed with the help of kirlian technology. You can see parts of your body illuminate in front of your eyes and can record them with the help of this technology. Till now it is only possible to take photographs of your hands and fingertips due to safety reason.

Although no kirlian camera can record the true color of an Aura it can be artificially colored by using hot and cold spot of your Aura. The most advanced camera is developed by Prof. K. Korotkov in St. Petersburgh, Russia. The technology can work as a very powerful diagnostic device in medical field. Kirlian technology uses GDV (gas discharge visualization) camera. It can analyze the weakest point of person’s body in few seconds. It can record the response of a patient, doesn’t matter what treatment; he is using. It can be useful to find out if the patient is responding to treatment in a positive, neutral or negative way. Read along to find out the advantages of imaging an Aura.

Advantages of Imaging an Aura

An aura is something that occurs naturally. It is controlled by the vibrations that an individual gives out. As already mentioned the aura is capable of changing colors even if for a short while. Images of the aura has been to put use by medical science and techniques based on alternative medicines. Some of the uses to which an image of an aura is put to are:

  • Color Therapy: Aura is used in natural therapies and workshops based on color vibrations. The glow surrounding your hands and fingers are recorded and used to find out about an individual’s Aura energy. It is possible to detect the malfunctions of your body and mind even before you develop a disease.
  • Comparative Analysis: It can compare different therapies and help to choose the best treatment for a sick individual.
  • To find out cause of death: All living things change their Aura continuously. Prof. Korotkov showed that human aura change continuously for 72 hours after death. It seems among other things Kirlian technology can be used to detect the reason of death also on the basis of these changes.
  • Spiritual Healing: It can be used to monitor not only the physical change but changes in mind also, which can give new dimension to study new fields like mind to mind communication, i.e. telepathy. It seems that spiritual healing is just a communication between minds of healer and the patient. With the help of kirlian equipments it will be now possible to enhance training methods of these spiritual teaching and read student’s progress.
  • Psychological Effects: It is known that attitude towards treatment is very important in any medical treatment. By using GDV (gas discharge visualization) technique we can record the healing process of a patient, making him aware of his own health.

An aura is a natural indicator provided by God. It is for humans to develop means to detect this natural indicator that can be sued for physical, mental healing and spiritual growth.  An aura can be enhanced and developed to ward of disease and fasten the process of healing.

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