How To Improve Aura?

How To Improve Aura?

Aura is an energy field of any living or non-living being, which puts an effect on everything which comes in the contact with it. There are times when we instantly like people we meet and at times we do not like some people fro no apparent reason. This all happens due to aura color vibrations. Learning to read aura, can be very beneficial to stimulate with your present situation, cope up with illness, improve your present condition. So, once we learn to read the Aura, we can take effort to improve it.

Match with your dominant aura color: Once we know about our dominant color in aura, we can try to stimulate it with the color of our clothes, accessories, decoration of the house, color of the walls and curtains. So we will have more dominant vibration to bring positive energy into our life. We should use color combination as nature does. For example if our aura has pink color then we should use more of green and lighter shades of pink in our clothes and apparels.

Match our surroundings with our thoughts: There are different colors associated with different feelings and emotions in the study of aura reading. For instance blue is associated with calm and relaxed feeling. You will notice when you wear blue you feel relax before you realize.

Match the frequency distribution of vibrations along the body: This is the most effective way to stimulate our aura. This is something like acupuncture, but in this instead of using needles they use things like Chakra Shirts. Some extraordinary results have been observed within few minutes of wearing this shirt.

Effects of other people’s Aura

There are some things which effects person’s Aura in a positive or negative way. Any kind of negative feelings such as anxiety, jealousy, fear, hatred or envious character, poor diet and lack of sunlight can suppress our aura’s positive vibrations. Physical and mental crisis like disease or drug abuse can weaken it badly, it can increase the size of aura instantly and that would be of white color. When you come in contact with other’s aura, you exchange energy with each other; you must have noticed sometimes you feel drained out whenever you are around a particular person; some people can take your energy away without you knowing it. And people who have same aura color as you, you feel energetic and happy with them; if you notice people who wear bright and vibrant color they seem happier compare to people who wear dull clothes; dull colors absorb your aura’s energy. Even in nature, birds have many vibrant colors on their body. So, it is logical to avoid all these negative attitudes and habits and use positive vibrations to improve our Aura. You can improve it by taking good diet, sunlight and exercise. Meditation can be very helpful. The most important to improve the aura is to be open-minded. People with very hard shell suffer with the intense feeling of loneliness, but to break this shell one has to give love and their knowledge freely to others.

It is possible to see the aura and even photograph it. Learn to read your aura and stimulate it for better concentration and health.

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