Holy Quran vs. Hindu Puran: The Common Factor

Holy Quran vs. Hindu Puran: The Common Factor
Quran Vs Puran

Quran Vs Puran

Every religion is great in its own place and no particular religion can be said to be superior over the other. Still it is unfortunate that human beings fight due to religious differences over minor things. In this article titled Quran vs Puran, we  do not intend to compare any religion or prove one over the other, rather we like to establish via this effort that the true messengers of God always have a similar message irrespective of their time, place or origin on this earth.

As we all know, Quran is the holy book of Muslims and Puran is the holy book of Hindus. Infact to elaborate further, Puranas actually refer to a complete set of Holy books which are on separate topics but we will leave the detailed discussion of the Puranas for a separate article. Currently we only mean to use the term “Puran” as a generic Hindu Holy scripture since it rhymes with the word “Quran”.

The Muslims recite Quran and the Hindus recite the Puran. That does not change the meaning. Both the Quran and the Puran more or less teach the same. The essence is that there is one God. The different religion is the paths that lead to the same goal. The Quran and the Puran have different name for Gods. Quran refers to God as Allah and Puran as Bhagwan. It does not matter what name we address God by the fact remains that God is a supreme power that guides us.

Infact for a typical atheist the definition of the word God can also be stated as the eternal underlying force which permeates all creation in the form of subtle and vital energy, and you can call it by the name of nature as well.

Many people believe that the Puran is older as it is derived from the Vedas. Well that does not matter. Historically Quran came much later. However, the teachings in both the Quran and Puran are more or less the same. Moreover rather than arguing over which scripture was written earlier or later, if we see all of them as embodiment of knowledge of the highest order, we would be in a much better position to appreciate truth as it should be.

Both the books state that the unique creator made all of us. We must follow the rules of a good life. We should not hurt others. If we commit sin then on the judgement day we will be sent to hell. Those who follow the religious path are blessed and will go to heaven. The Puran also mentions about moksha that can be attained only by those souls who live a right life here on earth. Both the Puran and the Quran clearly mentions that no religion is superior or inferior. They teach that we all must respect all the religion. However, it is very sad that people have forgotten the real meaning of the Quran and the Puran.

We suggest that the children are taught Quran and Puran from an early age and they are also taught the real meaning of Quran and Puran. This will definitely make the world a more peaceful place to be in. Both the Quran and Puran say that we must do well to others and not expect any returns. Only when we do something selflessly will be getting the benefits of the same. Karma is a point that is mentioned in both Quran and Puran. The people who do good will get good back.

Quran and Puran mentions about rebirth and also about how a person can escape the cycle of death and rebirth. Both Quran and Puran mention how the God created the world and how one day he will destroy the same. The Quran and Puran say that we should be grateful to god for the life and facilities that he has given us. Quran and Puran clearly state that we should help the poor and the needy. The more we give the more will be given back to us.

Quran and Puran state that we should not run behind materialistic things instead we should look at spiritual wealth. We should worship and Pray regularly. This will keep our minds fresh and help us to relax. The Quran and Puran were written with good intention and they wanted to unite the world. Quran and Puran never taught violence and hatred, but stand for peace and harmony.

It is high time that we start to appreciate the true worth of the Quran and Puran and make the world a more peaceful place to live in. We hope that this article will help you to understand the concept of Quran vs. Puran. We hope this will encourage you to read these books and understand the true meaning of Quran vs. Puran. If even one person out there is convinced that Quran and Puran are the same we will feel that we have succeeded in conveying the concept. We must look beyond religion and look at the bigger picture. Some say that the world would have been much better without a religion. Well we belive that the world would be better when we understand the true essence of religion that we follow.

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