Healing The Second Chakra: Swadhisthana Explained

Healing The Second Chakra: Swadhisthana Explained
Healing The Second Chakra

Healing The Second Chakra

As we have already mentioned in our previous article on chakras that there are totally seven chakras in the body. We have discussed the first mooldhara chakra in article. Now we will discuss about next chakra and healing the second chakra.

The second chakra is situated at the level of belly in the sacral bone. It is also called swadhisthana chakra. It is also described as the black lotus. This chakra is closely related to the first chakra. It controls creativity, intuition, sexuality and self worth. This chakra control emotions like friendliness, creativity, and emotions. It controls the confidence of the people.

If the second chakra is disturbed a person may become emotionally weak. He or she will not be able to trust people and be friendly. The chakra controls creativity and confidence. It also influences how a person opens up to others and responds to their feelings. It makes a person empathetic. The second chakra is very much influenced by ones childhood experiences. If a person had a good childhood then they will be able to have a better second chakra. For example people who have experienced sexual abuse as a child need healing the second chakra very badly.

The women sexual organs are exactly located in this chakra. This is exactly why if a woman has any problems with sexuality it can be associated with the wrong functioning of this chakra. A man can get over obsessed with sex if this second chakra is not in order. The chakra if blocked can make a person short tempered and even physically violent. The physical problems that one may suffer from if this chakra is not working properly are constipation, kidney weakness, muscle spasm, problems with the large intestine, bladder, etc.

If the second chakra is working well then one can associate with people easily. They will naturally have a lot of friends and they will also attract a lot of people towards them. Blocking of the second chakra can also make people lethargic and slow. If a woman is not able to conceive then healing the second chakra can help.

The yogis say that if you can learn to control the second chakra then you will be able to control your sexual desires too. Now that you know how important the second chakra is we will discuss how you can go about healing the second chakra. Well the second chakra is associated with the colour orange. The stones that can be used to heal the second chakra are tiger’s eye, orange calcite and carnelian agate. All these stones have tremendous capacity and they can help a lot to heal the second chakra. Well you must consult a well educated chakra expert. Only a good advisor can suggest you the correct stones. Each stone has a different ability and must be used for a different purpose.

The carnelian agate is used to control emotions. The tiger’s eye is for sexual problems. Each stone has to be worn in a different part of the body. If the stone is not worn in the right part then it may do more harm than good. Before you wear the stone do consult the chakra guru. All stones may not suit you. When the guru confirms that the stone fine only then wear it. You will find the results soon after wearing the stone.

It is not necessary that you always wear a stone for healing the second chakra. You can also do some simple breathing and pressure exercises to get the similar results. You can bring the thumb and the index finger together. Then put pressure around the belly button. Simultaneously breathe in and out. This will help you to relax and also remove blockages in the second chakra. You can do this for a month or so. You will automatically feel the difference in your life. This healing the second chakra technique has been followed by many across the world. We are sure that this will help you too.

Emotions are very important in our life. If we have emotional imbalance in our life we will never be happy. Without a proper balance in emotions we will always be unhappy. This is exactly what the second chakra controls in our body. Always ensure that you are in complete control of this chakra for a peaceful and happy life. Do consult a good chakra expert at the earliest. You will be surprised to see how healing the second chakra will change your life forever.

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