History Of Dracula

History Of Dracula
History of Dracula

History of Dracula

We are all familiar with the name Dracula, but do you know the history of Dracula or the actual story behind it. Of course there is a debate about the actual existence of Dracula where some believe that it is just a work of fiction whereas others actually believe that Dracula does exist. In this article, we will try to look at both aspects of the story.

Human mind is complex and very talented it can create beings that can surpass all reality. However, is Dracula a true entity or it is just a figment of imagination. We will try to search for the answers from the history of Dracula itself.

In the year 1897 the novel Dracula was published. It was written by an Irish author named Bram Stoker. The story revolved around the count Dracula. The book was brilliantly written. Even today many readers read this fascinating tale. Bram Stoker almost immortalised the character. Many consider it to be one of the best thrillers ever written. The book was later made into many movies. This was a work of fiction.

However, the historic reference could not be neglected. Bram Stoker said that unless there is a strong historical reference given the story would not have been so gripping and perhaps he was right to a certain extent.

Before going further with the story, let me turn your attention to the image in this picture which is a famous haunted house, and it is believed that Dracula lived in this castle.

Coming back to our story, Bram Stoker mentioned that count Dracula was ruling Transylvania between 1456 and 1462 and he wanted to move his empire to England. He was a brave king. He fought many wars and he had also played a vital role from stopping the Turks from invading his country. The historic reference that Bram Stoker was primarily based on the local stories that he had heard.

Bram Stoker said that the count would need blood of women that he would suck using his teeth. The count would go out looking for prey every night. Bram Stoker also describes women who could drink blood from other bodies.

Historians say that Bram Stoker had a good Idea on Romania’s history but the way he portrayed the character of count Dracula was definitely a fiction. In the end of the novel the count Dracula is destroyed and he is turned into dust.

Yet the fact remains that the last days of count Dracula are missing from the pages of history. These were the missing links that Bram Stoker weaved together and he created the famous Dracula. The book was so captivating and well written that the reader would often forget that he or she was reading a fiction.

Count Dracula was a cruel king and he did actually torture innocent people to death. However, the history does not mention that he would drink blood or was a nocturnal being. One incident of prince Dracula’s insanity was that he invited all the beggars in his kingdom to feast. When they were feasting the price asked them if they wanted to die poor. All of them said a no. Prince Dracula set fire to the beggars ensuring that there would be no more poor people in his kingdom. This horror story made him hated by all his countrymen.

The count Dracula always wanted to conquer Transylvania. He often attacked the country and looted it. He killed thousands of people. He also attacked the churches. He would sit amid dead bodies and eat. He made husband’s eat their wives and mothers eat their children. He had the worst PR in the history. There are many more horrific stories that are told about this sort of character that history had ever seen. He was definitely not a normal person. Most of these stories can be found in the books and scriptures that were written about him at that time. There was no doubt a huge number of people who just hated him and cursed him.

Bram Stoker used all these points that the history of Dracula had and he made a story of his own. Some say that Dracula was mentally imbalanced and some say that he was perhaps a product of the violent times that he was born in. He had seen so much of cruelty that he became one of the cruelest rulers that history had ever seen. History gave Bram Stoker the name that he wanted for his novel.

Vampires have been very popular in history. You will mind mention of vampires in many local stories. People who are pale and lack blood as a result they may go out at night to find preys to drink blood. If we look at the case from a scientific point of view there is a possibility that there might be people who had the instincts to feed on blood did exist. The state is both a physical as well a mental abnormality. Well it was Bram Stoker who renamed Vampires as Dracula.

Dracula means the son of Dracu. The book that Bram Stoker wrote makes commoners belive that Dracula is a name that is given to vampires which is not correct.

This article was an attempt to discuss how the Dracula of Bram Stoker was related to history. We hope that you liked this information on count Dracula and on history of Dracula. It is true that reality is always stranger than fiction. Bram Stoker proves it again through his book on Dracula. Count Dracula did exist but perhaps he was not a vampire. He was just another ruler who was cruel at heart. He was so cruel that he gave horrific deaths to thousands. Bram Stoker just used the fascinating history of Dracula and he made a fiction of his own.

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