Healing Power of Meditation – Can Meditation Help Me To Heal?

Healing Power of Meditation – Can Meditation Help Me To Heal?
Meditation in Progress

Meditation in Progress

Can meditation help me heal and be healthy? Before getting to an answer to this question let us look at what being healthy means.

What does being healthy mean?

The Oxford Dictionary says ‘healing’ means to make sound or whole, or to restore to health. Being healthy is word that refers to much more than physical health. It includes in itself a condition where one is physically healthy, mentally calm and emotionally steady. To explain with the help of an example, can a healthy and a sick bud be on the same stem? For both the buds to be healthy, it is important that the stem be healthy and for the stem to be healthy, the plant needs to be healthy. Much beyond these it includes consciousness. The more clear one’s consciousness is greater is one’s well being.

Can meditation help me to heal?

Now coming to the question can meditation help me meal and be healthy? The answer is well clear from the words of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

“In meditation, healing can happen. When the mind is calm, alert and totally contented, then it is like a laser beam – it is very powerful and healing can happen.”

Meditation is a powerful tool. It helps restore and replenish Prana, the term used for describing the vital energy. It is prana that determines the health of our bodies and the mind and prana can be gained, enhanced through a few contemplative moments spent in meditation. More the prana, the more alert and active you are for it makes you energetic. A lack of prana spells the exact opposite – laziness, dullness and no enthusiasm towards even the most exciting activities.

There has been research the world over in order to investigate can the power of the mind be used to heal. Meditation is known to help people with heart disease, high blood pressure, in pain management, dealing with insomnia and reduction of stress. It is known to have sped up healing in cancer patients.

Illness may come to you due to any reason. Meditation is a natural cure to your illness, it fosters the healing process. Meditation for healing is a process where the mind and the body are in complete sync and you use the power of concentration and reflection to drive away the illness from your body, increasing prana – that vital positive energy in your body. Meditation helps reduce stress and shed anxiety while taking your mind to a positive frame which further has a holistic impact on you.

Another very important thing to remember while meditating for health is not to worry about disease, illness rather concentrates on health and being healthy. If you choose to think about illness you foster it, provide additional power to it and when you choose to channelize the power of your mind to healing and recovery so strengthen your health.

To sum it up,

  • Heal the mind – through meditation;
  • Heal the body – through meditation;
  • Destress your mind – through meditation;
  • Destress your body – through meditation;
  • Welcome a state of health and happiness  – through meditation.

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