Do People Also Worship Satan?

Do People Also Worship Satan?

A question that we often hear is do people also worship Satan?. Well let me tell that however odd you feel, the real answer is yes, they do. As there is God which is associated with good and positive things, there is evil too in this world.

Good vs Evil

God himself says that if there was no evil man would have never realized the importance of good and God. This is exactly why there are so many stories about good and the evil. Most of the stories do say that the good always wins over the bad and God will always defeat the evil.

In spite of God being the most powerful there are people who worship the Satan or the evil. They feel that if the Satan is satisfied he can given immense powers to his followers, which possibly they cannot get by worshiping the positive powers.

Worship of God/Good

God is worshiped for peace and happiness. The evil is mostly worshiped for power and revenge. God is worshiped in temples and churches and other places of holy significance. The evil Satan is worshiped in the darkness. You will never find a temple of a Satan.

God is worshiped in presence of light. Flowers and candle is offered to him. Satan on the other hand is worshiped with blood and black magic. If god is pleased he gives peace and happiness to the devotees. Satan has evil powers. He can only give evil powers. Worshipping God is acceptable and it is a daily practice. Worshiping Satan is not allowed in the religious books. People who worship these evil forces are not liked by the society. They are considered to be outcasts. The priests who worship god dress in white. Even in Hindu religion the priests will mostly wear white. It is only in the worship of Satan that black is used. Everything is black even the walls of the temple where Satan is placed. The worship of God is openly acceptable by the masses. The priests are highly respected. Those who worship the Satan live a secret life. They know that if people realize what they are doing they will be doomed.

The Gods are always worshiped on full moon night. Some Gods like Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali are worshiped in moonless night. This is because they have the power to control the evil forces on earth. Satan is always worshiped in the moonless night. The Satan is pleased by sacrifices. It is believed that sometimes even human beings are sacrificed to please the Satan. There are records of children and even women being sacrificed to resurrect the Satan.

When the Satan is resurrected he can destroy the world and give immense power to the one who resurrected him. Some may say that all these happen in movies. This is not true there is a concept of worshiping the Satan. It is mentioned in most of the religions of the world. As there is God there is evil too.

Satan Worship

There are books that are written about the Satan and how to worship the Satan. We will discuss more about these evil books in the other articles.

These evil books have the process of worshiping the Satan. They mention how we can ensure that Satan is pleased and it blesses us. There is the concept of black magic too. These are the magical spells that can destroy people. The black magicians generally worship the Satan. The Satan can help a lot on black magic because the purpose of black magic itself is evil. Only when the Satan is pleased it blesses the black magician with powers. Using these powers the black magician can do wonders and create black magic spells.

It is said that dogs have the ability to sense the Satan. This is exactly why when your dog behaves strangely about someone or something you must know that there is something definitely wrong. You must not force the dog to enter a place the dog is refusing to get it. It is believed that the good souls reach God and they become a good power. The evil souls keep roaming on earth. This is because god has cursed them. These souls become the part of the Satan. The Satan makes these evil souls his slaves. He uses these evil souls to increase his power and power and create a havoc on earth.

We hope that this article on do people also worship Satan will help you to understand the concept of Satan and its powers even more. They are definitely worshiped by people. Mainly because Satan can grant them a lot of powers and ensure that they become more powerful than God. The battle between the good and evil has been on for ages. The God was always worshiped and will continue to be worshiped. As good only has the power to defeat the Satan.

God will always remain more powerful. However, there are people who regularly worship the Satan and they will continue to do so. After all we can realize the importance of good only when there is bad.

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