Burosho Tribe of Hunza: Average Age Over 120 Years

Burosho Tribe of Hunza: Average Age Over 120 Years


When our scriptures say that people used to live for hundreds and thousands of years in the earlier yugas, we often scoff at it as some mythological tales meant to portray some impossible and impractical facts. However man is limited in vision and hardly goes beyond the normal routine of bread and butter.

We have been putting such examples of extraordinary longevity in our posts such as this 250 years old man.

Of course having such longevity is only achievable through the practice of yogic techniques, there are examples which show that things are not where we limit them but far beyond those limits.

In a simple but happy tribe in the Hunza region of Pakistan also known as Burosho, there lives a category of people who claim to have a Greek descent. These people have an average age of 120 years. The women over there can bear children even upto 60 years while some residents are over 150 years old.

The only secret which they follow is simple food, lots of fruits, exercise and lack of tension. A few lines dedicated to these super healthy people

In the name of modernism, man does not have time to eat or sleep

Health is not a huge secret, there is nothing to hide or anything deep

It is all about good food, diet and not taking the junk food as in fashion

You have been warned of the dangers, so just be beware as per the caution

Stress is the biggest enemy of mental peace and lowers the physical age

The methods to burst stress were taught by the ancient rishee and sage

We have just forgotten to connect with nature and we are paying the price

Just remain happy, be satisfied, be desireless, wise say so more than thrice

It is not the suppression of desires but their annihilation from the root

To make this happen, you need to meditate, so that you mind does reboot

In ancient times, people lived hundreds of years, yet we say we are advanced

If the seers would have seen this, with amusement they would have danced

Let us go back to the roots, not that we should despise science n gifts it gives

But by diving within we take advantage to the fullest as long as one lives

Editor’s Note: The image of the Burosho lady provided is taken from one of our associates so although we do not vouch for the authenticity, still the fact of the matter is that people in these areas live over 120 years easily with some people nearly 160 years old which is a well acknowledge and established fact. Even it is an established fact that ladies over 60 years bear children without any complications. This note has been put as many people have expressed amusement over the picture so we request that you please get the main point which is that simple living and tension free thinking along with ancient techniques like Yoga and meditation can really help you to not only elongate your life but also live it in a productive and meaningful manner.

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